Meet Shinku. He is an international Britain student studying in Japan and is obsessed with athletics and hops off buildings like a cat. Too lazy to use the entrance like every other normal student, he decides to jump off the roof only to be set up by a dog from another world who opened a portal while he was flying midair and forced him landing into it.
OH #(*#@!!!

In the new, mysterious world Shinku meets a princess called Millhiore Filianno Biscotti (seriously what’s with the long name?!) who claims that she has summoned him believing he is their hero. Shinku has no idea what the hell is going on but agrees to help out anyways (REAL SMART).

As they make their way back to the princess’s palace, Shinku witnesses the ongoing battle down and learns that this ‘war’ the princess speaks of is nothing more than a stupid competition between two teams. And if that wasn’t strange enough, this ‘war’ involves peaceful combat and no bloodshed and deaths (LOL WUT?). He then realizes that this whole set up reminds him of a fictional fantasy novel his friend Becky reads.


Out of all characters I am confident this one will be badass.

WHACK! That should have sliced through his head - not that I'd want to see that anyways >_>;|||

After thinking it over Shinku decides that this whole thing looks super fun and being the hero must be super awesome and is totally thrilled about the fact this is literally somewhat an athletic competition. Before he knows it he is equipped with heroic (totally not the case) armor and a weapon and finally makes this debut in the ‘battle field’. Thus a hero was born.
Yeah this is the first time I've ever seen a STUPID battle field.


You aren't supposed to be this excited. God what the hell is wrong with you?
Dude I don't even... *FACEPALM* You're an idiot.

First Impression:
O____o *LOOKS AT SPRING PREVIEW 2011* Am I blind and missed it, or is it really not in the list?
For those who don’t know what the hell this anime is, well check it out here at ANN what gives you.
…. Just WTF is with this plot? This looks like the stupidest thing in the world. This isn’t war, this is exactly like Wipeout (YES THE REALITY TV SHOW) except you’re competing against people with blades that apparently can’t cut through you and go *POOF* when you get hit and resume to your true form (I’m assuming that’s their true form). I think it’s already perfectly clear that this will be his alternative training he will undergo and then in the competition (unless he misses it LOLZ).
The characters don’t interest me whatsoever, which is another reason why I can’t take this show seriously at all. Though I have to say, I love the character designs, specially for this one here:
Actually she reminds me of one of the characters from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?, it gotta be the outfit…
It’s a shame because I actually like the animation quite a bit. Nothing new or distinctive, but it’s still nice. THE OP and ED was also good to watch, not to mention I loved the songs, which is precisely why I’m disappointed how this isn’t actually a war but a competition that is mocking a war.
Am I covering this? Pffth, yeah right.


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  1. SabbaKimmo

    Excuse me, were you sarcastic when you said ‘yeah right’ up there when you wondered yourself if you are going to cover this? I am sorry that I am asking you this, but I am not very good at english and cannot figure out sarcasm clearly (Stupid Me!!)

    1. Eva

      XD Yeah it’s sarcasm. I forgot to put up the italic!!! XD LMAO! I can’t imagine myself covering this week after week, this episode just killed me.

  2. Ruby

    Lolol I thought this show was actually be about real dogs and stuff haha xD
    a lot of ppl been saying it’s bad~ guess I’m not gonna watch it now.

    1. Eva

      Yeah I thought of that too. So when I saw this I was like, “….WTF?”!
      It really depends on people’s taste. I did love the animation as I said in the above, I found it very cute. The plot just sounds absolutely terrible and the characters just sound so stupid – that’s why it’s an immediate turn off for me. Oh yeah, not to mention predictable. LOL!

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