Hanasaku Iroha Ep 2: From being Independent to Dependent on Others

All her life, Ohana has never been able to depend on anyone but herself, fearing that she would only get hurt. Waking up early Ohana decides to get started with her morning duties only to be called in by her grandmother to become a waitress with Nako as her guide. As they proceed with their duties and make their way to the ‘Wave Room’, Nako is called out to take care of something else, leaving Ohana with nothing to do, who decides that she would do the job herself and cleans up the room. After she finishes, she overhears an outburst in the kitchen where she learns that the cooks don’t have time to make the staff’s meal. Ohana decides to take upon this opportunity to do something helpful for everyone and makes the meal herself.
Not too long later, they receive a major complaint from the customer who was staying at the ‘Wave Room’ – who happens to be a writer. The man complains about how his draft for his brilllliannnttttt masterpiece that would surely get him an award and that they must find it. When the grandmother asks whether Nako was responsible for warning Ohana or not, Ohana quickly makes up a lie claiming that Nako did give her a heads up and that she just decided to go ahead and do the job anyways. Afterwards she is asked to join Tooru who needed some extra hands to carry some stuff. While on their way to their destination Tooru comments on how Ohana isn’t very considerate of others and remarks how he’s doubtful that she has any friends. Ohana grows annoyed and accidently tells him to ‘Die’ but quickly apologized, while at the same time they nearly got into an accident. Startled with herself, Ohana gets out of the car and decides to walk back, thinking over about what her purpose is of being there, and why was she trying to work so hard. When she returns she confronts both Nako and Rinko and asks them to help her learn what’s right and wrong and in exchange she will be more considerate and try to change and also tells them how she wants to get to know them better.

A quick heads up that Oki and I will be sharing this series, I will be covering the even episodes (2, 4, 6, etc) as she will be covering the odds (1, 3, 5, etc).
Once again, this was a breathtaking, emotionally touching episode. Seriously I’m going to have to take out a dictionary and start looking up some new words I could use tp praise and describe this show. otherwise I’ll catch on with Myst’s habit of repeatedly using the same words over and over again *IS SHOT DOWN BY MYST*
Right off the bat, we were given a bit more background about Ohana’s character and past. Her mother basically told her that she is to never trust, let alone depend on anyone. The fact is, because of her mother was so unreliable – she was forced to believe she can only rely on herself. With that idea intact, it explains why she decides to try helping everyone out by stepping up and going ahead with the chores, only to mess up because she isn’t aware how things work and what not to do. What I loved most about this episode was that Ohana found her resolve. She decided that she would face both Minko and Nako and make it clear that if she’s going to depend on them, they need to be on the same page. Moreover I’m happy that she confronted Minko making an excellent point why she shouldn’t tell people to ‘die’ so carelessly (this was probably also influenced by what happened with Tooru after she told him to ‘Die’ by accident). As for that novelist, clearly (or rather typically in most cases for plots like this) writes erotic novels. That one phrase Ohana read was said enough. Also at first I found that his character is rather sly and would use underhand tactics to take advantage of the way the business works by making an outburst so he can get better service and stay for free. Considering how that Ohana has found either his actual draft or scrap he shouldn’t have anymore excuses now – I also can’t seem to grasp his reaction leaving me a bit confused, but whatever!!!
The next character I wanted to talk about is Minko. Last episode I couldn’t put my finger on whether she is trying to be a chef/cook or aiming to become the manager of the inn. I believe that today’s episode confirmed that she is aiming to become a chef/cook and she is taking on whatever opportunity she has to train and improve her skills. I believe this is also another reason why she was rather upset when she discovered that Ohana made breakfast because she missed out the opportunity.
Lastly, we got Nako. She is a strong, but clumsy and not to mention shy girl who has a lot of trouble speaking up. It seems that next week we may learn a little bit more about her, so I’ll leave it at that – oh wait damn it, Oki’s covering that… Ah well I’ll elaborate on her character on episode 4 since we ought to have more things to discuss about her character by then! :3


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