Yusei quickly finds himself with only 50 LP left, Rudger decides before he finishes him off that he will tell Yusei about his father and how the Zero Reverse happened in the first place.

HOLY SHIT. THAT WAS SUPER INTENSE, SUPER DRAMATIC, POWERFUL AND I STARED CRYING AGAIN. Yusei has been carrying this burden all his life. Moreover it was never Yusei’s father’s fault that the original momentum went out of control, it was all thanks to that mysterious man from Yliaster who influenced Rudger into insanity and the the momentum releasing some sort of dark energy that made him a Dark Signer. I still can’t believe Rudger listened to the man after he disappeared like, POOF! Yusei’s father had to face the worst of being shot and rather than saving himself in order to save Yusei. And now since Rudger set off a bomb, even if he lost the duel he planned to have Yusei killed anyways. Good god now he fallen into that Momentum stuff, how on earth is he going to survive that one? ;A;

But let me say one thing. By far, Rudger is the most intelligent villain I’ve seen yet in the Yu Gi Oh series. I mean while everyone depends on the outcome of the duels, Rudger decided to have a backup plan and do things the realistic, evil ways of preventing Yusei from achieving his goal, and that’s blowing himself up despite disintegrating into ashes and send Yusei falling into the Momentum light, water, whatever the stuff is that’s filling up the space down there – I don’t know what kind of material it is, but we do know that Yusei disappeared into it. *SHOT*
Rudger is also a selfish bastard going, “HEY BECAUSE I WANNA BE THE WICKED GOD, I’M GOING TO BLOW UP THE ENTIRE CITY FOR MY OWN DESIRES!” Seriously dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? What did they offer you, cookies if you chose to go to the dark side? Was it for the thrill? Whatever, anyways now Godwin by the look of it has inherited his will of, “I WANNA BE A GOD!!!11!1” plus those two brothers, they share their entuasism for the whole ‘fate and destiny’ concept. Oh and one more thing that I gotta mention, Godwin totally displayed himself having a brother complex or something along the lines! I mean, my god – he’s up to no good. See that red glint in his eye, that’s a bad omen. I don’t know what the hell he plans to do with the arm but, god – looks like he will be the final boss for this arc one way or another.

Now lets get to Crow. He’s walking around, finds a picture of Yusei’s parents holding baby Yusei – and it doesn’t even occur to him that they look alike. *FACEPALM* Jeez, it will break my heart if Yusei never gets a hold of that picture. It’s a precious piece of memory that he should have. ;A;
I can tell you right now, by far this is my favorite episode because it had conveyed so much emotions, given us so much background about Yusei’s past and revealed a part of him that hid his emotions and burden that he felt he had to carry for his entire life. Most importantly it was good to see that Yusei wasn’t holding back his tears.
Before I finish this, I am so, so, and let me stress this – SO happy that the animation was stunning and top notch quality for this episode although while I was getting the screencaps I  have caught some noticeable flaws that happened so quickly that most of us probably never noticed it. If the quality was bad, it would have ruined the entire mood and it would have taken away little things that made this episode so special.


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