Bleach 322: Revenge of the Clone


The battle continues between the Reigai and their original, how will the original defeat their more powerful clones?


Oh well, I think I must give some credit to this arc after all. Last episode I was afraid that the distinction between the real person and the reigai was going to be constantly showing with the reigai electrified blue eyes, but I was pleasantly surprised that the Reigai were able to pull off what they were expected to. Reigai-Rukia fooled everyone and was able to take down two Lieutenant without much effort.

Thanks for the sword bro

But the best part was when Kyoraku slashed Ukitake in the back after being set free. Revealing his true nature. The illusion was perfect, I never believed the Kyoraku in front of me was not the real one. This could lead to some devastating fight in the future. Since Kyoraku and Ukitake bankai are some of the most powerful there is, even if none of their bankai were shown yet, so we most likely won’t see them until it is a true arc, not a filler.

Well shit

Still,  we the first fight between Matsumoto and Reigai Kira was really well done. With the improved Wabizuke that increases the weight tenfold, it made everything interesting, it was a clever idea to have Matsumoto use Wabizuke’s power against himself. It always makes me happy to see Matsumoto seriously fighting, since three quarter of the time she is just drunk and looks like a stupid cunt. Atleast when she fights I have some kind of respect for her and I don’t see her like a sloth with big boobs, but like a real, worthy lieutenant.

I think you saved the wrong one girl

At this point I am just impatiently waiting for a real fight between Captains arrives, the captains are the real deal, while the Lieutenants are all powerful, they don’t come close to the power a Captain can unleash. I want to see Kenpachi fight Kyoraku to see who would win between power and experience. I also want to see what Hitsugaya’s Reigai will be able to do, since Toshiro is already becoming one of the strongest Captain, a Reigai with his ability boosted would be completely insane. There are just so many interesting fight match up available and I want to see them all !

Also as a side note, I wish they gave less air time to Kon, that puppet is extremely annoying, even more when paired with a confused Nozomi.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Matsumoto VS Kira

  • Backstabbing Reigai


This arc will be great fun for every fanboy who just want to see who’s really the stronger of the characters of bleach. Being a fanboy myself, Me Gusta.

ZeroG signing off

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