Bleach 324: Kenpachi fighting himself


The captains are heading back to Soul Society, but a welcoming party is waiting for them at their arrival.


Finally the episode I was waiting for, Kenpachi vs Kenpachi. It is the first time I see Kenpachi starting a fight without his eye patch. Since this is a filler arc, captain won’t use any new or unknown power that were not yet revealed in the story, therefore even If I think Kenpachi has an attack stronger than when he uses both hand on his zanpakto, he couldn’t use it against himself in this fight. With this demonstration of skill Kenpachi looks more and more like a Berserker, those warrior of pure strength who are rumored to be able to keep fighting even after they are dead.

I bet 100 bucks on Kenpachi

It seems that he could keep himself alive from pure will, no matter the damage is body suffered or the intensity of the blows he received. For this fight alone this episode was worth watching and it was good. Now I must agree that in term of fighting development and choreography that fight sucked, but it was awesome from a fanboism side.

The other really interesting fight that we could see was the one between Yamamoto and the Reigai of Ukitake and Kyoraku. Yamamoto has the most destructive zanpakto known and a fighting experience only matched by those two. Ukitake zanpakto  should allow them to take the advantage, but Yamamoto seems Reeeaaallly resistant to his own flames. Still seeing Ukitake and Kyoraku fight together is always such a magnificent sigh, it looks like they are born to fight together. They have such confidence and trust in each other, they know their limit and they know their own strength. But still Yamamoto is such a durable old man, I really wonder how old that dude is, he must be close to his death-bed or something.

Watch your ass ! That old guy look like he saw something I wants to perforate!

All in all everything was really enjoyable to watch in the episode, nothing exceptional in term of quality, but considering this is a filler, it was exceptionally well done and fun. Next week we’ll be able to see even more Captain on Captain action, I believe things will get even more intense soon enough.

Look at those guys having fun making cute colors with their sword

One thing I also appreciate is that Ichigo is back in a bed where he belongs and we can finally have a little more focus on the captain without Ichigo coming at the last second to save the day.

Things I liked in this episode:

  • Just about everything:

  • Kenpachi’s fight

  • Yamamoto’s fight


I want more, I need more. This is not as fun as some of this season fabulous story, but it sure is better than watching cat video on youtube. Which means a lot, since cat are really awesome.
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