Gosick Episode 16: Victorique Has Gone Missing? D:

Time for another mystery to start… This time, we get to see a bunch of crazy nuns destroy planes during the first world war (in 1914) using their “faith” These ladies look insanely sadistic for a bunch of nuns… Just though I’d mention that.

This guy's good. For him to go up those stairs every single day, probably more than once, and still have a huge smile when he gets to the top, he has to be.

Back in the real time, Kazuya once again feels slightly depressed because although his grades are outstanding he doesn’t get any praise from his father Aww, poor lil’ thing... He then goes up to see Victorique, however unfortunately for him, after going up those 50 flights of stairs, he realizes that Victorique is missing, and he learns that she has been moved to “a convent”. She is, in fact, back in her cell, living miserably NUUUUUUUU! VICTORIQUE!!!! . We then learn that she refuses to eat, read or talk, and Kujo hears this, deciding with Weirddudewithweirdhair’s help that “HE WILL GO RESCUE HER!” He’s way too manly to chicken out on that.
The episode then goes on as tons of important pieces of information are thrown at us, notably Brian Roscoe’s presence , his goal, and in the end Kujo rescues Victorique. We are left with a cliffhanger full of suspense, since, according to Roscoe, “all the characters are now in place” whatever will happen next should be intense.
This is it. The moment we have all been waiting for: The drama that revolves around Victorique has started. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the spiced up ending with a great cliffhanger, I would have been slightly bored by this episode, since every scene contained information which was obviously going to be useful in the end. They don’t even bother hiding the fact that it’s useful info anymore, which makes me a little bored because they literally throw us the message “REMEMBER THIS, IT WILL BE IMPORTANT” for every single scene and we don’t even have to try and figure out anything anymore.
Anyways… If you forget about that, I really liked the end, because, just like I said it already, ever since I learned more about Victorique’s story (around episode 2) I’ve wanted to see some episodes concerning the subject, and the plot is finally developing the way it should. Everyone is involved except Avril, and I’m glad that Kujo has finally seen Cordellia, in fact it looks like next episode he will see her even more.
Unfortunately, to be honest, I’m actually glad this show only has 24 episodes. The whole show is becoming a little long, and although I will keep watching this (especially since the main plot is finally developing), the mysteries are getting tougher and tougher to endure. The one thing I can never get tired of is definitely Victorique’s face, and now there’s Cordellia to top it off, however apart from that I have to admit that I’m getting tired of the show.

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