Hidan no Aria Ep 7: Kinji fails as a Bodyguard

Kinji and Aria get into a fight after Kinji remains unconvinced that Durandal actually exists. He declares that he will guard Hotogi on his own while in the mean time, she has been receiving threatening texts and continuously not inform him or Aria. During the festival, Kinji decides that it would be alright to go to his position and duty for his class since Hotogi is surrounded by lots of people, only in short notice he confronted by the staff woman who suggested Hotogi to get a bodyguard telling him she has disappeared.

For one, let me get this off my shoulders – Hotogi looked absolutely gorgeous in that kimono with her hair up and I’m VERY HAPPY that this episode didn’t revolve around Kinji ‘getting better’ and being ‘nursed’ and only made it brief how s
Poor Aria, so nobody believes her even though she has inherited her great grandfather’s ability to know that the victim is being targeted, only problem though is she can’t explain it in words or logically which wasn’t convincing Kinji whatsoever to the point he got sick of hearing it and decided to guard Hotogi himself. Of course, thinking she was going to be alright since she’s around a group of people was really naive of him and came back to bite him when the teacher/supervisor confronted declaring she’s missing.
As for Hotogi, she really is a caged bird. How horrible is that?! I’m happy that Kinji takes her out anyways so that she can let loose a bit around town and stuff. So because of that, I’m pretty sure that Durandal’s blackmail was about how he/she (mind you I can’t identify which gender because this person can change voices) was going to inform the shrine about her breaking the rules. Speaking of Durandal, turns out I was right – he/she is part of the EU organization – also better yet J.C Staff decided to make things more suspenseful by not showing who it is. COUGHMAYBEIT’SKINJI’SBROTHERLOLCOUGH
Overall, the episode was pretty good. Our cute little Reki got more screen-time to be awesome, Aria makes an entrance and that saves Kinji in a pinch! That’s our Aria for you! 😀


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  1. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    I’ve started to watch this series though I am still not sure if I like it or not. The whole Sherlock thing threw me off when they revealed it. It just didn’t seem to fit after watching the action from the first few episodes.
    I might let a few more episodes slide by and read the reviews in the meantime before watching from episode 7 onwards.
    Aria reminds me so much of Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. >_>;

    • Eva says:

      xD Yeah I wasn’t quite expecting the Sherlock Holmes ‘plot-device’ either, but it does back up Aria having the senses she has. Hidan No Aria isn’t bad considering the failures J.C Staff has been having the past two seasons, and also it helps not having to high expectations.

  2. TimesTicking says:

    This anime is average…
    The only thing I love the most about this show is Reki XD
    I would love Reki to be my bodyguard ^^

    • Eva says:

      XD Hahahaha, the ratings would probably be higher if Reki was the main character

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