Steins; Gate episode 8: The world change with time


The Team tries different test to change the past in order to observes how they can change the world around them.


This show is truly most interesting. After all how could a story that revolved around time travel not turn out awesome.

In this episode we got to see two shift in world line, and both were as amazing. The first shift was intended to have Shining Finger not replace her cellphone, but the actual result were much more dire. In fact after the D-mail was sent Moeka was not a Lab Member anymore. While she was still in contact with Hououin she never went to the lab. Those messages seems to have much greater impact than what they expected. After all we have to remember the saying that a butterfly flapping its wing in america could produce a hurricane in China. Every little action on the world can result in great consequences elsewhere. Also the longer the period of time between the change in time and the “current” time, the more difference could have occurred. This is why a change 4 days ago in the case of Moeka changed everyone the girl met.

Wake up all alone

Here is my theory why Moeka never met anyone after not changing her phone. Moeka’s phone represent her whole life, she would never separate herself from it. Changing her phone was a sign of her changing her life in a way, after the change she had the adventurous trait she didn’t has before, she was willing to try to say a word of two to Hououin, she was willing to try to join a group of people in a lab, she was willing to take the risk to have some memories not on her phone but only in her mind. Now that this change never occurred, she is still alone with her old phone.

That girl is creepy

Now for the second shift of world line, we don’t have all the information yet. What we do know is that the message was sent to the past and something changed in the world, but what changed? we don’t know yet. Hououin didn’t verify if Ruka was now really a girl. It is quite hard to determine without some investigation and those investigation are not something that is easy to do in our current society without being called name by our peers. But none the less, something seems to have changed, because of what I’ve seen Ruka looks like he/she is wearing some kind of bra if I am not mistaken. Now that doesn’t mean he/she is a girl, but it sure leaves me to believe it did have an impact. Maybe next episode we’ll have a confirmation about that, maybe we won’t, be I sure hell wish we do.

Guy or Girl?

Also why must he be a HE!

Why are traps so beautiful?

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Time travel is changing the world woohoo

  • Ruka looks so good in cosplay, It will turn me gay


There is no turning back, this show as past the point of no return, it is now officially been declared awesome. Please attach your seatbelt and get ready to travel through time where no man has ever been before ! We’re going off the rail on this crazy train.

ZeroG signing off

5 thoughts on “Steins; Gate episode 8: The world change with time

  1. Mayuri addressed Ruka as “Ruka chan” instead of the “Ruka kun” earlier in the episode. The lab member’s reactions also seem to give it away…

    1. While I noticed the reaction, I figured it was because they were still unaware that Ruka was not a boy, but I did not notice that Mayuri called her Ruka-chan. Thanks for the information!

  2. Tuturu! XD (How many times did she say Tuturu?)
    This anime is freaking awesome!
    I think Kurisu was killed by the part-timer back in the first episode that is why the part-timer hates Kurisu. Just a guess though.

    1. It is quite possible that the part-timer is in fact Kurisu’s killer, but I believe there is a reason for that. Most likely Kurisu become a liability to Hououin’s project at some point. The part-timer is obviously an agent send to the past to help Hououin and protect him. If she sees Kurisu as an ennemy, she must have done something bad to Hououin in the future

      1. Which would probably mean that the part-timer is in fact, John Titor him/herself. :O
        Oh, the lulz.

        Anyways, I don’t think that Kurisu did anything bad to Okabe. Rather, I think she discovered something about time travel that put a wrench into her plans, she’s obviously trying to find a way to get rid of her, or at least get her away from Okabe.

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