Yusei was called in to repair a something called Heitmann only to learn that it’s a teacher who is being an ass to the students claiming he’s going to expell them all because they suck. Yusei challenges him to a duel where he requests the children to give him their low level monsters which he’ll use and win the duel with.

Sorry that I only posted once last week, but unfortunately this will be the same thing this week unless I post on Tuesday and Wednesday since I’ll be gone from Thursday through Sunday.
=_____= Oh boy a slash of a “GX School Days”. As you can imagine, this episode sucked.
The first 1:20 Minutes was so god damn annoying. Rua’s whining was killing my ears.
LOL, when Aki entered the classroom I was like, “LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait a minute, shouldn’t she be in class right now?” Seconds later, Yusei shows up *COUGH lOOKS ALMOST AS IF PARENTS COMING IN HAHAHHAHA *SHOT SHOT SHOT* COUGH* but it was pretty funny how “serious” he was, espeically after Heitmann said the taboo word in his dictionary “useless” or anything that relates to that.
Ugh, it was a painful episode to watch because it was mainly stupid. I got a good laugh here and there because of how “overdramatic” everyone was acting. The fact the principal said after Yusei asking what kind of machine it was, “I believe it was called Heitmann” really cracked me up, moreover Yusei was so ‘serious’ about finding what he had to repair.
One last thing, why the hell is Ruka on the “Students must be expelled” list?! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER “PRODIGY” STRENGTH?! ARG FORGET IT!!!
And Sly? LOL, he reminds me of Divine – perhaps they are related since they share the same hair *SHOT* LOL. And jeez, he wants Stardust Dragon!!!
By all means, I’ll say it again. This was one hell of crappy episode.


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