[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 10: Second Wave


A second wave of [C] is coming, Mikuni is ready to uses the future of japan once again to protect the country from the shockwave, but Sato and Yoga are decided to do everything they can to stop him.


Here we are, we can start to see the finish line. This will be it boys and girl, The future of japan will be decided on the battle between Yoga and Mikuni.

We were able to learn even more about the world in this episode. We learned that the north american district seems to be the most powerful district and over the years it has eaten up whole countries to stay prosper. At the beginning of the episode the district was able to kick the [C] back the way it came with little effort, so now Japan has to deal with another wave of [C] incoming. Mikuni will quickly end up running out of future if this continues for much longer. Not only that, but now he even had all his fund stolen and used against him, money is pouring down the sky in an effort to make the yen power fall to pieces.


Confetti !



Now what troubles me is, even if Yoga wins (which will most likely happen) and undo what Mikuni has done, how will he defend against that second [C] wave? if there is no japan left, the future will disappear because of a lack of present. Now everyone can guess that in the end Yoga will win the fight and save japan, or at least kind of save it. But I really wonder how he will achieve to do both of these things. The fight against Mikuni could go better than expected since the guy will be broke as shit and Yoga did just earn a large amount of money from the guy he defeated, but the fight won’t be easy nonetheless.

Now for the awesome stuff this episode, we finally got to see Msyu Macro flation, Overheated Economy. That shit burns. They have nearly destroyed half the financial district just to kill one dude. I just wonder how Yoga didn’t die in that blast, he was in it after all, maybe it doesn’t cause any friendly fire? There must be something to it because everyone in that blast radius should be dead.


That little shield Msyu do can't have possibly protected Yoga from that



Now the next awesome thing to happen was that we finally got to see Q in action. She is a cannibal ! that was unexpected. This is the explanation why she loves to eat midas money so much. She straight up ate that asset. Q is so creepy in action it gave me chills. Because she is a cannibal she was able to use the money she herself ingested to fund her cannibalistic attack, she is truly one scary Asset to face.


om nom nom nom



The last awesome ability we got to see was Sato’s Macro. It is quite powerful, she is able to turn an asset to her side, she was unlucky Mikuni had multiple assets, otherwise in a regular match up, it is a guaranteed win.


The next episode will most likely only focus on the final combat between Mikuni and Yoga, that will be interesting, but what I am most interested in is the final episode, I wonder how much will be revealed about the Midas District, if we will be able to see and understand who control such a powerful organisation.

ZeroG signing off

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