Victorique is finally where she needs to be… Good thing? Bad thing? Well, no matter, because she’s there anyways.
Meanwhile, Kujo is pretty much at the same location in Saubreme, except outside, currently busy talking to his teacher that suddenly came out of a trunk Just accept it and take it as normal. When he hears that Victorique was taken by her father again, Kujo runs and runs inside to try and find her so that he can protect her, as small as he may be.
He finds her just as she’s about to enter a shady room from a shady staircase. Surprised, Victorique looks at him, gives a look that says “I’m really glad you’re here and I want you to take me away”, then tells him “don’t come and get me” and leaves right after that sad look on your face? Do you really think he’ll listen to you?.
After Victorique enters the room where she will have to solve the mystery, we are explained the basics of the Coco Rose mystery, and Kujo decides that he will try and help her out as much as he can. He starts walking around, while he is silently stalked by a mysterious man with red hair I wonder who he is…/sarcasm. He then learns many things and starts gathering information on certain people that may be involved in the case, while Victorique can’t figure anything out because she doesn’t have enough information.

Manly little Kujo is taking the initiative. Go on, little boy!

Once Kujo has found out enough, he comes back to go and tell Victorique, then follows Brian Roscoe into a secret entrance to the building. Once he leaves him for his girl, he enters the room where Victorique is, only to find another Brian Roscoe! Confused just like me, he tries to ask him how he’s here and there at the same time, but the shady second Roscoe leaves in a puff of smoke and leaves Victorique on the floor, where Kujo goes to get her. He then pulls out a speech of love friendship to Victorique and how important to him she is, then they both go and solve the mystery as Victorique is allowed out of the shady room.
Interesting… 🙂
This show is turning out to become much more cheesy and unoriginal than I thought, it’s purely entertaining and I wouldn’t call it of extreme quality, but it has its dose of interesting matters still :).
First off, it was pretty much already established but the mysteries in this weren’t the best and that really wasn’t the reason why most people watched this show. Moreover, it’s very corny and I find the whole thing quite Disney-like in the adventures and such.
This last mystery is okay, once again not one of the best, because we have been leaked pretty much enough information to figure out more or less what happened with the Coco Rose case. However, what I really liked from this episode was that for once, Kujo was very useful and figured out a lot of information by himself, and if it wasn’t for him Victorique wouldn’t have been able to figure out anything. I was also very intrigued by the fact that there are two Brian Roscoes… So apparently he has a twin brother? How that is related to anything, and how that adds to the current mystery makes me completely clueless, but hey, I’m still going to hope that it’s not just something the producers felt like putting in there just for the hell of making us question ourselves.

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  1. iwhbyd11

    It seems your view on this anime has dramatically changed from the beginning, whereas in the beginning you seemed to really “love” this show with all of your, cross’d out word “jokes” and what not, but now you seem to not enjoy it and un-pleased by it….hmm its only been the last like 8-9 episodes or so :/

    1. Myst

      Indeed, it can happen quite often that I change my mind halfway through, when I think that the plot is going to get somewhere really cool and in fact it just kinda dulls out and becomes bad or stretches out… Right now, I’d say I’m a bit disappointed, and I don’t find it as super amazing as I thought it was going to be. It’s not bad, but after watching 20 episodes of it I’m kinda sick of it…

      1. Iwhbyd11

        I see, well on the other hand, i pretty much love this show, lol…it always seems to amuse me even though the tone of this anime is suppost to be serious in most aspects.. But it has been part of my “watch gosick first and watch the other 20 animes later- Friday night line up”..and if you are disapointed by the fact that the mysteries themselves were not that hard to solve, I saw that coming from a mile away, there are never any legit “mystery” anime shows (not any that I’ve seen anyway)

        1. Myst

          Well, what I mean to say by the mystery thing was mostly because I was expecting this to have much more plot than it has showed me. It started off very well, then just kinda stayed at that line and didn’t seem to improve that much as it went on. As for great mysteries, I’ve only just recently started liking this genre, however a very good one aired just last Fall Season 2010, Psychic Detective Yakumo. What deceives me the most of Gosick is that it is way too “american-like” and much less original than what I expected it to be. Maybe I expected too much… Meh, anyways XD.

  2. ryvrdrgn14

    I’ve also stopped watching the show and mostly rely on the reviews here to see if it is worth picking up again sometime. I understood as well from the start that the mysteries are just a side dish, but I will have to agree that the plot is moving very slowly.
    My other issue is that I feel that character development in the show has been a little stagnant since the middle and that the character personalities and views are just bouncing back and forth within a small range.
    I will admit though that outside of a good and consistent plot or great character development (unless it is outright amusing), I find little interest in following a series beyond the initial few arcs.
    I sometimes feel that when a long-running (or intended to be long-running) series hits “cruise mode” then we just get more of the same until the author can come up with some interesting arc.

    1. Myst

      I’ve noticed that also, a lot of shows that are more than a half season end up doing that. I’d definitely be looking forward to a show that can actually keep everything going and actually be original for so long, because I feel we haven’t seen that many in quite a while :/. I totally agree with you on the character development, I’m also really deceived with the plot not only because it’s moving slowly, but because there are a lot of things that were expected to be much better than this, but that turned out dull and stupid in the end. I mean, Albert de Blois doesn’t seem that menacing anymore, all he did was to ask Victorique to solve a case… Woah, scary facepalm.

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