Gosick Episode 22: IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!

It is CHRISTMAS!!! And everyone dresses up like on Halloween… And yet we’re actually in June… Guys, this is messed up.

Sorry if I’m late, don’t kill me please.

Alright, so let’s actually start this. Victorique has a new dress! gasp Nothing new there and yet I still felt like gasping, to be cool. Then, wait for it… We learn of a legend! gasp Still nothing new there and I still gasped, once again just to be cool.
In the end, Kujo gets to wear a bunny outfit, while Victorique gets the beautiful dress leaving the guys with the crappy outfit, you gotta love woman supremacy 🙂 and Avril feels rejected and goes all depressed in her little corner awww...


And then, it’s party time!!!!! Everyone goes to the reception room in the school because the school has that much money to spare to celebrate Christmas/Halloween/June Celebration/Whatever. Kujo gets Victorique’s present, we learn that Victorique actually kinda planned it out, and we get some cute scenes between the both of them where we can see that both care for the other and that love is in the aiiir~. Meanwhile, Avril stays in the back and she’s still depressed This is starting to be really sad 🙁.
As Kujo is about to give Victorique the gift he has for her, he then gets captured by some creepy men in black, and it turns out that he is going back to his home country in Japan because war could break out at any moment. He tells Avril to give him the present, then decides to run away and to go back to Victorique because he refuses to be separated from her. He’s saved by the little boy from a long time ago that helped in the Blue Rose case, and with him talks to Grevil, who takes Kujo as a hostage and uses him to force Victorique to take part in the war wow, what an asshole. I knew I couldn’t trust you, with your hair up like that. The episode ends as Kujo is still taken away and Victorique bursts into tears.
Well, well, well. To keep going with my overall impression of the show, I still have to mention the usual Disney corniness in this, however I kind of got used to it by now and I don’t mind it as much anymore. If you forget this part though, this episode was quite entertaining in many ways.
No big news here, but Victorique is so pretteeeeehhh 😀

First off, despite the weirdness of having Halloween costumes on Christmas, I liked the party and what was included in that part of the episode. We saw Avril’s jealousy, Kujo and Victorique who seem to be really close right now and it’s very cute, and we also learned of a legend that turned out to be a much bigger part of the story than I expected.
When Kujo got captured, I found it way too cheesy for Kujo to run away because of Victorique, but whatever, I mean it’s Disney corniness. When Victorique was about to stab herself I kinda got a Romeo and Juliet feeling, too. I liked how Luigi and Jacqueline were brought back and became even more useful, but I hated the fact that Grevil is a bad guy now. Despite his weird hair, I still thought he would be a cool guy who would defend his little sister, yet it turns out that he’s just as much of an asshole as everyone else. Go die, Weirddudewithweirdhair. You don’t even deserve that name anymore.
Anyways… Only 2 episodes left~~

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