Kazuma decides to invite everyone to the beach, in the mean time Madoka confronts Ui an Ui starts to grow concern over the matter that Ibuki has given Kazuma permission to call her by her first name.

ANDDDDDDDDDDD, Hina fails to thank/sorry or whatever Kazuma once again~ the end.
Meh, this episode was okay – actually scratch that, it was pretty lame. No surprise there was some fan service, much to my surprise, there was less that I was expecting which is perfectly fine for me, but it doesn’t earn any points for ‘entertainment’.
It’s interesting how Ui is reacting to this whole situation where Ibuki has given Kazuma permission to call her by her first name. I think she is concerned and feeling iffy about it because it’s almost like a repeat of her brother bringing home a fiance, in other words – as she has said this episode (although we can’t be sure whether she’s just confused about her feelings or not), she likes Kazuma as a ‘brother’. Also secondly, it would be frustrating on her side since she likes BOTH of them, Ibuki her best friend and Kazuma as a brother – so it’s just making the whole matter far more complicated.
Speaking of which, I wasn’t expecting Ibuki to give Kazuma permission to call her by her first name whatsoever. I was pleased to see their relationship develop, even if it’s a love/hate sort of thing going on. It was also cool to continue seeing a new side of her where as it’s revealed she doesn’t know how to swim. Kazuma, I’m not even going to start talking about relationships – he’s a dense man, there’s absolutely nothing about him to talk about.
Finally, kudos to Madoka for not punching Kazuma and confronting Ui about her releationship with Kazuma. Also I was actually shocked that Tsumugi is working at the inn because she wants to continue working there in the future. And last but not least Daigo was Daigo today, nothing new.

Yeah, I think it’s obvious that I didn’t enjoy this episode. Hopefully next week will be better, but with Hina in the picture… I don’t know about that… >_____>


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  1. TimesTicking

    From the start I don’t think this anime was really that great, I liked the info it provided but it didn’t do a very good job being a good series. This show is just alright to me.
    Kazuma is definitely gay… When he touched his brother and said flat-chest how in the hell is Ibuki flat-chested?!?!?
    Only thing I enjoyed in this chapter was about Ibuki, they finally started to build character for her after 8 episodes…

    1. Eva

      Yeah it’s not on my favorite list, nor something I’d re-watch. Definitely NOT ones of the highlights of the season.
      LOL, I wonder if he’ll every realize it himself. And seriously, IKR? HOW THE HELL IS IBUKI FLAT-CHESTED?! D:< I don't blame her for kicking him in the nuts and trying to beat the living shit out of him.

  2. tomphile

    The anime has a lot of flaws in its execution that no doubt should have been fixed in the initial episodes. It’s a bit late sure, but I feel that this anime is finally starting to get its bearings, though late.

    1. Eva

      : Most of these kinds of anime never really turn out that great. So that’s why I don’t hold that high expectations for these shows.

      1. TimesTicking

        It’s funny, the anime that looks really good turn out bad and the ones you don’t expect to be good turns out to be like the best anime of the season.

      2. Eva

        XD IKR? It’s probably because nobody knows what to expect so they get the pleasant surprise! XD

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