The lab members finished their time-leap machine but decided not to use it and instead give it to a real organisation, so that this way they won’t have the burden to test it on one of their team member.



Holy shit, I knew something was going to happen, but that was way more than what I expected. The episode started with a wonderful scene from a far past, was it a dream? a philosophical tought Okabe had? or was that a real memory? I think it might not matter, what does matter is the message it gave. It made Okabe realize that maybe his quest for time was not to be, maybe what he wanted was already there and the only thing he needed to do was to open is eyes and accept it in his life, instead of running away.

Now I need to touch your boobs, just to make sure

After that initial scene the episode went smoothly, but you could see Okabe’s troubled mind, he is not the same anymore. He is troubled by the threat he received and he is paralyzed and don’t know what to do anymore. Makise noticed and so did Mayuri, but no one is concerned enough to ask him what is wrong. Throughout the episode he forget little by little those bad memories and can return to his old self, but that was not to stay, since just as everything was going for the best, everything went to hell.

See what happen when you buy Coke instead of Dr.Pepper?

When I was watching the episode I was really disappointed that Okabe decided not to use their machine and instead let someone more able to do the research and use it. I really wanted to see if it worked, and if it did work it could have help Okabe keep a friend in a different time line, since now someone else than him could remember what happened before, they could realize that he was not crazy. But unfortunately they did not use the machine. At least not this episode, with the way this episode ended, there is no doubt in my mind that they will use it to change the recent past, to keep Mayuri alive and stop all this madness from happening.

Shining Finger indeed

Now will they succeed in changing the past? will Mayuri come back and live? or will she just die again? Will Okabe live happily with her or will he simply see her die again, and again…and again. This show sure as interesting outcomes.


Now for the part where my brain goes wtf is going on. Shining Finger is working for SERN? What the hell is going on? did she start working for them recently to gain something? did she work with them since the beginning? Also what the hell is that “FB” thing? She’s doing all this for her Facebook account? She wants to be “Friend with Benefit” with Okabe? I don’t understand her motive. I was not surprised to see armed dude with mask come out of nowhere with AK-47, but to see that they were led by Moeka…


This show is insanely good, I think that sums up everything one needs to know.



How could anyone doubt this show awesomeness now? The art is simply amazing, the way they put the scenes together is so fantastic. When the time stop in the anime, I felt my heart slowly coming to a halt, the calm before the storm. There was nothing that could safe Mayuri, but maybe with the knowledge of what is going to happen and more time, Okabe will fix everything.




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  2. TimesTicking

    Hopefully we can hear Mayuri say tuturu! again T.T
    Damn this anime is just amazing! I’m so glad this anime has 24 episodes 🙂 This anime is definitely anime of the season XD

    1. ZeroG

      It is a time travel show, so there is no doubt that Mayuri will come back again

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