Toriko Episode 11: The Split Up

Alright, so let me start my impression right away. Why? Because there’s not really any reason for me not to! ^.^ Moreover, this episode was kinda worth the impression.
First off, I have to hurry up and mention that the reason why the group was forced to split up was so retarded and senseless. As funny as it was to have the Rock Drum come back and kick their asses, I was like “uhhh… Seriously?” and kinda got confused. But anyways… I actually liked it in the end.
I also really liked how they split up the people. 3 teams of 2, one strong with one weak in each team, and moreover the personalities seem to fit in together really well and it’s just hilarious. Sani and Komatsu being together and Sani ranting over and over again about beautiful things, I think I should be over it and start getting bored of his rants but I just can’t. They’re too funny.
As for Rin, as much as she was funny also, the fact that she really sucks and the fact that she never seemed to understand the meaning of “a serious situation” and just fantasized about Toriko all the time kinda made her annoying in the end I might be biasing because I like Sani way too much and don’t find him annoying despite him doing the exact same thing, but whatever. I was happy though that she still kinda did something… Not much, but she managed to put on the right fragrance instead of messing up like an idiot. It’s a start… I guess.
I also liked the fact that Tina’s doing something as well. Being with Terry, she’s the last group, and Terry seems pretty damn determined to go talk to Toriko and to tell him that the black GT Robo is there, which gives a purpose to Tina at the same time and makes her a main character.
Basically, this episode was mostly humouristic, I absolutely loved it in many ways, and to be honest it wasn’t that funny, but it just made me like some characters even more (and some characters even less). We also got a lot of information about the Bishokukai, their goal and the Gourmet Cells, which I found quite useful, and I also found Toriko to be quite the wimp because he’s already “out of energy”. Gee, go train some more. NAO. Or eat, but whatever, just get your energy back because I want you to be strong and to own everyone.

If you could do THAT more often too, it'd be nice, because you kinda look REALLY BADASS. Just sayin'.

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