Yusei awakens and find himself trapped inside a truck after being knocked unconscious and kidnapped at a supposedly-client’s house he was visiting. In the mean time, Aki, Jack and Crow are out searching for him after receiving a call that he has been kidnapped. While the boys believe it’s likely to be a joke, Aki insists it’s probably not and taking the search seriously. Then she and Mikage receive a call from the private security line that someone had hacked into giving them information on which route to take in order to find Yusei. Thanks to that and the response from their Signer’s mark, the women successfully find the truck Yusei is trapped in, only to find there’s no driver. Aki summons Rose Tentacle and uses her psychic abilities to have it smack open the doors and jumps in. Yusei scolds her for putting herself in danger and then decides that they will ride the D-Wheel to get out of there. Aki protests claiming that she will not ride it since it’s only for one person, but in the end she still gets on. Just as they are about to jump off, an unknown D-Wheeler shows up declaring to have a duel with Yusei. Much to Yusei’s dismay he finds himself forced into the duel and told that his D-Wheel has been rigged. The unknown duelist manages to par with Yusei and cut down his tactics, as they proceed, Yusei has come to realized that the duelist is not part of the organization who kidnapped him, and that the threat of his D-Wheel being rigged by a bluff. When the D-Wheeler stops to reveal who it is, both Aki and Yusei are surprised to see it’s a woman who introduces herself as Sherry LeBlanc, another duelist who wishes to participate in the WRGP and wants Yusei on her team.


Hahaha. Aki’s instinct that yes, Yusei was a bit in a pinch. I enjoyed watching how she summoned Rose Tentacle to smack open the doors, the pure awesomeness of Aki’s Psychic powers being used for the better and her getting a chance to ride a D-Wheel with Yusei. <3 <3 <3
The new lady as shown in the OP, if it weren’t for Carly to have driven a D-Wheel back in episode 61, I would have said it took three seasons and exactly 71 episodes to get a female onto a D-Wheel. (Damn Carly really should though…)
Sherry is a pretty strong duelist, I loved the fact she was able to counter Yusei and duel against him on the same level. I also love her deck, it’s so pretty and wicked. Her D-Wheel is also pretty sweet, and it would be bias of me to say that I figured it was a woman riding the D-Wheel because of the pretty Dueling System’s layout and her lovely duel monsters!
Now when it comes to shipping business, as you can imagine I am squealing away that we are getting some relationship development between Aki and Yusei. It was minor and nothing to significant, but the episode alone was enough to satisfy my inner shipping fangirl.
Overall, the episode was pretty good. Like I said, the duel was fun to watch mainly because Sherry was on pare with Yusei’s level of dueling and was able to cut down his usual tactics. Also this is playing a huge role on Aki’s character development part as she is getting the front row seat of a Riding Duel and being able to observe it firsthand. And of course, best of all – the quality was FANTASTIC. HALLELUJAH!!!!!


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