Aki goes out to get her D-Wheel license, Yusei builds her a D-Wheel and helps her learn a technique that wasn’t included in the course while taking her on a date. Aki trains hard to succeed and finds herself competing against Ushio to official obtain her license.

Impression: = w = …
Ohohohoh Yusei, we saw what ya did thar. From helping her train on her D-Wheel to taking her to a rollerblade rink despite dragging the twins along with them (who by way totally knew it was a date – kudos to Rua for noticing that and eventually Ruka to accept the idea too), there’s no denying it was a date! As you can imagine, being a Yusei x Aki shipper I’m somewhat bias this episode was just adorable. There were some corny parts, but heck as long as it’s not over the top, it works for me.
One thing I love about Aki is her determination to follow through with her goal. Better yet, while she did kind of start off with a shallow reason to learn how to ride a D-Wheel, I’m glad that she has come to actually like riding it herself.  It’s always better do to something that you enjoy, not just for the sake to get closer to someone you may like – otherwise you’re just changing for that person’s benefit.
I enjoyed seeing Ushio being the one she dueled, plus the fact he had new duel monsters. He’s an ass when it comes to dueling, so it’s quite an efficient way to weed out those who think they are just going into the WRGP like that. Oh and that’s right, Ushio’s Hellway Patrol‘s laugh reminded me alot of a character from Eyeshield 21, Hiruma!!!
It was priceless to see (well we didn’t actually see it, but we saw the aftermath) Jack beat the shit out of those idiots who are totally- like Ruka said, stuck in the stone age. I knew the minute that we saw Jack was beside them they weren’t going to get away with it. Hahahaha.
One last thing, the course. Pffffth, it was considered ‘normal’ until you see them have to do those loops thingys, I was like, “WUT?” It looked totally random and out of place.
Overall this was a enjoyable episode. I’m glad that Aki can now participate riding with them, not be so much of the third-wheeler and bette yet we got pretty much the entire episode dedicated to it. While some people may have not enjoyed it, it was certainly a treat after having not seen Aki actually duel in a long time – actually, holy shit – it really has been a while!!! I also have to say I wasn’t suprised that Yusei built the D-Wheel – it was really to be expected since this guy has a freaking passion building these things. I liked the fact they had a sense of realism where Yusei didn’t completely finish touching up her D-Wheel’s exterior and later had it complete before the examination. Probably a damn smart one too so it wouldn’t get all scratched up O_O;;; considering how many times she crashed. Oh and I gotta say, (those this is totally random), I honestly prefer Yusei’s helmet that she wore back in Episode 71 and 72 over her new one. It makes her head look so clamped. LOL.
The animation however, mainly faltered when it was zoomed out- it was very… distorted looking, and I found the close ups were far more precise, but some of them were pretty rough around the edges


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