Jack and Carly lurk about doing some investigations behind D-Wheel robberies when they witness a scene and the thieves making a get away. Jack pursuits them and ends up being shielded by Kazama, an undercover security who had joined the gang to find their hideout when he was about to be shot. With Kazama severely wounded and unconscious Jack decides to take action himself by finding the gang’s hideout in Kazama’s stead.

HAHAHAHA!!! Oh man when Jack was laughing after he threw the boss into the grunts, I couldn’t stop laughing. he gave me the impression that he was thinking, “Sweet, now that’s over with I can beat the living shit out of these punks!” Not to mention, he sounded pretty evil and clearly enjoyed his fist fight. Anyhow, Jack has earned alot more respect for what he has done. More importantly he had *GASPS* acknowledged the security efforts and  beat the boss with Kazama’s card in his stead.
Overall, this episode was technically another filler, but it was still enjoyable to watch because Jack did something beneficial for an exchange and physically kicked ass. It was cool to see Jack hanging out with Carly, joining her during the investigation she was doing behind the increase in D-Wheel related crimes. They don’t get much interaction (because that’s obviously not the focus of this show) but whenever they get the chance to, it’s nice to see.
Whew, it’s freaking hot out. I don’t have much to say about this episode so that’ll be it.


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