Kamisama No Memou-chou episode 2: Father’s other life


A new case begins for the NEET team, A young girl’s father disappeared leaving her with a bag full of money. What is the truth behind his disappearance.



This episode felt kind of slow, but I guess it is to be expected from a show about detective work, they can jump straight to conclusion, some kind of search must be done first. But I still feel like the show was missing something important. I don’t find myself attached to the main character yet. It feels like there is simply too many characters for me to start caring about them all. I guess it will be a slow process of discovering in learning who every member of NEET really are.


I wouldn't mind my father leaving if I had so much money left behind

This episode felt a little slow-paced to my liking, Every characters felt distant to me therefore most scene of character development were meaningless to me. I had no interest in learning what those people felt if I had no idea what they could do. Action speaks louder than words, I want to see those guy and their strength. We did have a little sneak peek at that, we were able to see Hiro obtain a vital photograph by harassing his ex’s and Tetsu was putting his life on the line talking to multiple yakuzas around town. Those things are what I am interested in. But with every character present it is hard to tell who I should really care about and which one are present only to make the time pass.


Alice is indisputably a mastermind in both hacking and detective work, but she seems so distant as a character and she is so cold that it might be hard for anyone to relate to her easily. After all she feels more like a doll than a genius. It is also important to point out that we never got to see Alice ever “work”. She seems to just magically come up with stuff, both when she acts and when she put the information back together. It makes it less interesting to understand that character, since she seems to be more magical than anything else.


A drunk guy of this size might be really dangerous, approach with caution

What I do love about this show, is that even if the characters are all more extreme than the other, from a military maniac to a gigolo, everything they do and the person they are feels real. The world doesn’t seem to be an exaggeration of anything and it is quite believable. While every one of the guys look like they are having lots of fun and that this is just a game, in reality they know the consequences of what they are doing and are just hiding it.


Have you visited adult websites? No, of course no, no one visited any american porn site...OH LOOK A BUTTERFLY!



Next episode will most likely get more interesting since it will feature the end of this week case, I expect some grim resolution to this mystery and I hope the show will start becoming a bit more interesting than what it is right now. It is not bad in any ways, but the “awesome” factor seems to be missing for me.


ZeroG signing off

2 thoughts on “Kamisama No Memou-chou episode 2: Father’s other life

  1. I find this episode better than last weeks.
    How old is that girl anyways? She looks like shes still in middle school and calls herself a NEET o.o

    1. She looks like a 12 years old to me. She is either flat chested or not in her teenage years yet.

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