Mayo Chiki Ep 3: Behold, Jirou being manly!!!!!!

Kanade decides to take Subaru, Jirou and Kureha to the pool as a double date! Kanade hangs out with Jirou while Kureha is given the chance to spend time with her crush, Subaru. While they hanged out Kanade tells Jirou that in the reason why Subaru is so high on guard at the pool was because when they were little, they were both kidnapped and mentions that Subaru has a weakness of her own. After Kanade sends Subaru and him off to get them some drinks, they end up recieving a phone from a child and get a call from a kidnapper who had taken both Kureh and Kanade. The kidnapper reveals a knife which causes Subaru to freak out inside. She tries to remain strong but her body grows heavy as fear overcomes her. Despite her unstable condition, Subaru insists she will save both Jirou’s sister and her mistress. However, as Jirou had learned she is afraid of knives, he knocks her out and heads off to the destined location and tries taking on the kidnapper on his own. Much to his dismay, he’s the one getting beaten to death while when he had the chance to deliver a blow – it was completely ineffective. When he finds himself too weak and unable to dodge the incoming blade, Subaru shows up and takes on the kidnapper and counters her fear against the blade. With a successful hit, the two go to check on the two girls only Jirou soon learns, that it was Subaru’s father acting as the kidnapper and that the entire kidnapping event was planned by Kanade.

AWWWWWWWWWWWW, this episode was sooooo cute! I loved seeing Jirou’s manly side by going into the water to save a little girl that was drowning and trying to be awesome but dealing with the kidnapper – only his hit was like, nothing at all.
I’ll tell you right now I certainly wasn’t expecting him to use the last resort and knock Konoe out, or at least successfully do so, but it looks like it was because Subaru not only was in a weak state because she saw the knife in the video call, but she also had her guard down around him.
Speaking of Subaru I think the reason why she was blushing after Jirou woke up from being unconscious was because she did CPR, which means lips contact and would be what she’d consider, her first kiss. I was also pleasantly surprised she used Jirou’s opportunity when he told her before he knocked her out to say whatever she likes afterwards to express how worried she was about him since he’s her first school friend. I have to say that moment there was really touching – And then it quickly ended when Subaru heard about Jirou being her mistress’s boyfriend and aimed to kill him.
Kanade continues to be awesome herself and getting Jirou into tough situations. I loved how she led Kureha into believing that she and Jirou were lovers and the way she acted claiming they might become relatives sometime in the future.
And then there was Subaru’s father. My my my, he certainly used the opportunity to TRY and kill Jirou, but he certainly had a lovely time beating the living shit out of him. I love how the two guys hate each other’s guts, it makes the situation even better (in a sense, more hilarious).
Finally the last thing I’m going to mention is that we got a flashback of a conversation Jirou had with his father. We learned the meaning of his name is, ‘Stand by Me’ and that his father encouraged him to become a strong man to protect the ones he loves. Jirou certainly lived up to his name today despite being somewhat unsuccessful, so good for him.
PS: I was actually also surprised there was the absolute bare minimum of fanservice this episode considering they were at the pool and all.


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