Steins; Gate episode 14: John Titor


Okabe uses the time leap several times, trying every possible ways to save Mayuri, but no matter what he did, she always died. He has run out of option, he needs someone to help him save Mayuri, she can’t die.



As previously suggested, No matter what Okabe tried, Mayuri always ended up dying. It is fate. He tried escaping, he tried stopping Moeka. But no matter what he tried, the outcome was always the same. He finally did what I hope he would do, he asked for help.


I love that girl

With the help of Makise he was able to get more time, he now has 5h before Mayuri’s death, maybe with the additional time he will be able to save the world after all. But now he is not alone anymore. Alone he was slowly becoming insane, but with Makise and the part-timer helping him, he now has everything he needs to save the world. He has Makise’s brain and someone from the future to help him out. Amane was sent by future Okabe to shift the world line, there must be something they can do to finally reach that 1% variation.


One thing I really liked during this episode is the complete distress Okabe was in at the beginning, it was just as expected, the constant vision of Mayuri dying, the endless suffering and constantly repeating event he did not have the power to change. He lost it. When Makise needs to impersonate his mad men persona so he can get a grip of himself, you know things are going wrong. When he plays the role of this mad scientist, it is a way to hide his happiness, when in complete distress he become who he really is, an insecure men that only wants to be loved.


roles are reversed

In the episode Okabe interrogated Moeka, he was able to know that she works for an organisation called FB and for her FB means everything. What FB is we still don’t have a clue. But what we know is that because Okabe used a time machine, because he owns one and most of all because he wants to make it public, he is in deep trouble. I really want to learn what this FB is, I have no idea what this abbreviation could stand for, but they sure are important and know a lot for an organisation.


Crashing into a building = Time traveling

Now Amane is John Titor, she is the one that tried to silently guide Okabe to breach that 1% deviation line. But now she can finally take a more active role in changing the future, she comes from 26 years from now, so she could easily be Okabe’s daughter for all we know. I hope that we will be able to learn more about the future from her in a future episode, she knows what is going to happen, she should have such valuable information for everyone.




Best show ever, things are not stalling one bit, even if we are midway into the show there are still so many things going on. It is so hard to wait every week for the next episode, I want to learn more, show me how much chaos will be needed before the world line change for the best and Mayuri can be saved !


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  1. I wasn’t expecting John Titor to be her O.o
    Okabe save Mayuri!!! So happy that this show has 24 episodes XD

    1. I was not sure if she was John Titor or if John Titor was the guy she had to meet in a previous episode, so I was not too surprised when she said she was John

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