Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% Ep 3: The Pressure is On

Haruka x Masato
Haruka, Tomochika and Otoya all successfully past the test without having to do it a second time. After receiving their materials, Haruka arrives to class only to find the board covered in writing implying that she had cheated and didn’t get into the academy fairly. Otoya and Tomochika quickly clear the board, but the pressure only grows when Ringo asks Haruka to once again play a piece for them where as she failed to do so last time because she couldn’t read it. Once again, Haruka fails as she can’t withstand the pressure from her classmates and flees the classroom. For several days she avoids class and attempts to practice on her own, however much to her horror her fingers would not budge and finds herself unable to play. Masato shows up one day when she attempts to play the piano again, he reveals his past about his similar fears that he had that were because of his father. He comforts and helps Haruka be able to find her confidence again where as she finally finds the courage to be able to play at ease in front of her classmates.
*Note: From now I’m going to refer the characters by their first name 

The episode was very cute. I wasn’t expecting Masato to be the supporting guy today. It was interesting to hear his side of the story and a little bit about this past. He relates to Haruka’s current fear with what he had to deal with in the past. I also never expected the guy to reveal his past to easily and be the type to willingly comfort someone. I started laughing really hard (attempting) to yell ‘CORNY!’ once again when Masato mentioned the song was inspired and dedicated to Haruka, (but I have no voice because I’m sick so it sounded really awkward lol). Nevertheless his character turned out to be a pleasant surprise, but it’s not enough to make me want to ship him with Haruka. If I could ever play the game, I’d definitely be curious and attempt to take his route. THEY NEED TO BRING OTOME/NEO ROMANCE GAMES TO NORTH AMERICA DAMN IT. THEY GOT THE HARMENS FOR THE BOYS, WHAT ABOUT THE GIRLS?! COME ON!!!! I’LL BUY A PSP JUST FOR THAT!

I wasn’t surprised to see Haruka targeted as a victim from the class bullies because she couldn’t read music sheet the first time the teacher called her up. I don’t blame her from running out of the classroom and feeling overwhelmed after being called up for the second time to try again. While yes it makes things a bit more awkward and humiliating, but seriously she looked like she was about to pass out!
However I have to say despite all her efforts in practicing and learning the stuff in such a short period of time, it was sad to see she didn’t have enough confident to overcome her classmates’ opinion of her the second time and only able to succeed the third time after receiving support and comfort from Masato.

I think it’s clear that Natsuki is definitely not one of your ‘typical’ guy we’d usually see in a harmen . I’m sorry, but kidnapping Shou, pursuing him to eat his NON-EDIBLE FOOD, DRAGGING HIM EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE LIKE A DOLL, yeah Natsuki has quite a obsession liking towards the poor guy. On top of that, it’s hilarious and enjoyable to watch.

He's totally jealous... of Haruka. *SHOT*
I found it it interesting how Ren is reacting to Masato’s bonding with Haruka. I can’t be quite sure whether he’s growing aware that Masato may possibly starting to harbor strong feelings towards Haruka and is getting jealous (THE YAOI WAY ) OR he noticing that the guy is opening up a bit more than he had expected. RANDOM FACT 101# Ren turns out to play the saxophone (a sexy instrument to go a smexy bishie, EVA APPROVES)
Now regarding the famous stalking kitty cat, I am super~ amused with Haruka’s name for it. Kuppuru, it’s so freaking adorable, I love it!!! But seriously it’s name should be Kyubey/QB, because we ALL know it’s him in disguise *SHOT SHOT SHOT*
The one thing that I’m starting to grow concerned about is questioning whether we are ever going to hear Haruka play a more difficult pieces besides corny beginner ones like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star‘ despite it being the theme song for the episode. It bugs me that we haven’t heard her play yet because we’re told that she’s supposedly really good you know, and what’s good is it if we can’t hear it for ourselves? How are we supposed to judge it?
Ah that’s right, the last thing I have to mention: (sheesh I almost forgot…) Somehow I’m not surprised to see Tokiya not get a high score, specifically because he lacks the heart in his music- which makes me wonder how the hell did he get into the ‘S’ class if he didn’t have the heart for it? I figured the headmaster would only have people who had the heart and soul to be in that ranking, looks like that isn’t the case however. I also I do wonder how Haruka is going to have him warm up to him after triggering the worst possible first encounter despite having apologized but quickly given the cold shoulder because Tokiya is assuming she’s trying to use him to meet his brother or whatever.
BAH I HATE IT WHEN THEY DON’T GIVE YOU PREVIEWS!!!! Damnit we have to wait till next Saturday and I reallyyyyy don’t wanna wait that long.
… Ah crap I wrote too much again. I can’t help myself…
*Starts re-watching the show from episode 1 again for the billionth time* I’d make icons, but is my arm still injured, only now it’s my right one bothering me more now.


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