Jack finds himself taken into custody as a prime suspect behind the investigation that involves him attacking other D-Wheelers. However he soon finds himself set free (not by the security) and back on the road the hunt down the culprit. He eventually does, but much to his horror the culprit looks exactly the same as him, speaks the same way as he did in the past during the Fortune Cup, and on top of that has the exact same deck as he does along with a Red Demons Dragon. The two duel however Jack finds himself becoming afraid and acts too naive where as he ends up not only losing he duel but crashing off the duel lane and into the water below.


SO BEHOLD! JACK MEETS HIS EVIL TWIN AND… nah I was just kidding about that. We aren’t too sure who he is yet.
Anyhow, this was still a pretty darn good episode. I enjoyed not only Jack losing to what looked to be his older self back from Season 1 (precisely why I call the opponent his evil twin/clone), but also because underestimated how his opponent would use the copy of his deck.
I find it funny how nobody seems to take the hint (as usual) that the enemy’s Red Demon Dragon is actually purple, not red, plus his Wheel of Fortune is close to black. Anyhow I find the best part about this enemy, as I have stated in the above, it looks like Jack’s past self from Season 1 when he was obsessed as King (not that he isn’t right now, he still is- just not as bad as he was), plus he’s using the exact same deck which makes this duel alot more interesting because both of them should know how to counter each other, of course Jack (as his opponent pointed out) was being very naive. Moreover I think the best part of this duel that Jack actually felt threatened to the point he was scared and was trembling. Sure enough he had a reason to because not only this is a major shock for him, but he also crashed (for the millionth time this series) off the bridge into the water below. You just wait he’ll be back after-all this is Jack Altas we’re talking about, the man who can play while his head is bleeding.
And finally (yeah I really don’t have too much to talk about this episode), that backflip Jack did with his D-Wheel, that was freaking hilarious and WTF worthy. XD


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