Crow and Yusei try to find out what had happened to Jack after they receive evidence from Carly that who they probably saw was an imposture. However they only end up finding Trust Guardian along the shore where as it looks as if he had drowned. Yusei then receives a call from Carly that the imposture is on the highway being pursued by the security that’s being led by Kazama. In the mean time Jack who did not drown in ocean is trapped in some weird dimension only later shown he was actually mentally strapped down with a machine goggle or whatever on his head, he breaks out and catches up to the others to duel his opponent again, and obtain victory.

Woot, another good episode! 😀 I was laughing when Yusei and Crow went to check by the water and saw that he had crashed into the ocean because I was thinking, “A little late to be checking don’t you think?”. And there was the small scene where Carly stood up against her boss, that I enjoyed because she stood her ground even if her job was on the line. Also on the extra note, Crow, it seems he really likes the idea of revenge, because he always goes on how he wants revenge on whoever the fault for making someone or people he care about disappear.
It was weird at first to see Jack in a weird world/surroundings but thankfully that was quickly explained when he set himself free where he had some kind of machine he was strapped into with these goggles that created the issues. It was also awesome to see him withstand the several attacks, even if it meant decreasing his Red Demon Dragon’s attack significantly (which is pretty difficult because he LOVES high power levels) and get scars from the damage, much like what had happened with Stardust against Black Rose Dragon. In the end the proper use of Trust Guardian guided him to victory and the help of the Crimsom Dragon power of Bonds allowing him to summon Savior Dragon and synchro summon for Savior Demon Dragon whom eventually obtained 7000 ATK points, which was pretty badass. *SHOT*
When I saw the other Jack summon three more Red Demon Dragon the first thing that crossed my mind was, “WHAT THE HELL?! IT CHANGES COLORS? WAIT WHAT HE SUMMONED TWO MORE?! WHAT THE-!? YLIASTER, YOU BASTARDS!!!!”
So the other Jack is in fact one of the GHOSTS from the GHOST mob, and Yliaster had not only copied Jack’s deck but also cheated with the above, and on top of that mimic Jack’s character from season 1: The Fortune Cup. Oh that’s right there’s more: The duel has helped make progress with the circuit, whatever the hell that circuit is supposed to be, and Yliaster, they are loving it.
Of course Yliaster continues to troll everyone by having Jack’s copied deck disappear like melting snow, and the base where Jack was held captive had magically and conveniently no longer exists, much like what had back in episode 78 when Rua and Ruka went to investigate Luciano’s place afterwards and find it gone and their friends having no memory of it whatsoever.


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