Yu Gi Oh 5Ds takes a western turn when Yusei is called down to Crashtown, a village in the middle of nowhere by a woman named Barbara. He learns that Kiryu is taking part of the duels where as if the losers are sent off to the mountain to work as slaves in the mine. Yusei is told the only way he can get the chance to save Kiryu is by defeating him in duel. With that said, since Kiryu is part of the Ramon’s family gang, Yusei joins Marco’s.

I honestly never once that that 5Ds would ever take a western turn, but much to my surprise it’s pretty entertaining. Kiryu backs in the picture makes it more exciting, but he feels so…dead – much like how he’s supposed to be, which makes me sad. I‘d be lying though that I miss his crazy ‘Joker-Laughter’ from when he was the Dark Signer
The episode felt very rather short and slow paced, and I didn’t realize how much time flew by until the intermission image came up. Nothing major happened, nor does this look like it will be related to the main conflict: Yliaster.
Yusei going western wearing that poncho (I kinda wished he’d wear something cooler though *SHOT* it’s still cute though, I won’t lie about that) and already knowing how to do the ‘fun’ tricks with the pistol dueldisc brings back his badass qualities. One of the main reasons Yusei and Kiryu can defeat these folks in just one turn, is because they have very poor strategies. Yusei and Kiryu will be able to pare up much like they did during the Dark Signer battle, but Kiryu by all means will probably be less passionate and pretty much only want to get the thing over and done with.


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