Bleach 335: Scatophilia


Ichigo lost his power for good…or maybe not.




Ichigo finally really lost his power for good? OH NO WAIT! Ichigo go back find your reatsu to be able to fight once again, that sounds like a good plan that doesn’t smell too much like shit, right?

This is wearing me out, how can so much bullshit be fitted into a single arc is beyond me. Ichigo should be out of juice ages ago, now he somehow has some left for the last 6 episodes.


I really like the way how Ichigo saved himself from the cleaner, that was interesting and expected, I also liked that they actually lost a battle. But it is all negated by the fact that Ichigo regained his power for the thousands time. If at the very least Ichigo could have lost his power for 2 or 3 episode, things would have been better. But no, he lost it at the very end of the last one and 5 minutes in he is already trying to get them back in this episode.

I’m not trying to be delusional here, I know that Ichigo will get back his power one day anyway, but does it have to happen the very same day he loses them? The thing about Ichigo losing his power is so we can see the consequence of his Final Getsugatensho. Now it just feels like there was no consequences what so ever for the power Ichigo burrowed. It makes Ichigo look like just another overpowered hero. Yes Ichigo was strong as fuck, but now he should be a kitty cat in term of strength. I want to see him sad, I want to see him pay the price for the power he borrowed. Every actions has consequences.


I liked that part, if only it didn't meant he regained his power

If he just jump back to his feet in 3 seconds everything until now just lost its meaning. He is not the only strong fighter around anyway, someone else could take his place meanwhile, he might be the strongest but there are a lot of really strong captain around still on their feets. I want to see them take the spotlight, not a never weakening substitute shinigami.



If you are still enjoying this filler arc, I recommend you watch other excellent anime, like Astarotte No Omocha, Queen’s Blade and Blood C, I am sure you will love them too. If you dislike this arc just like me, why are you still watching it? just come back when the real episode will start again if you like bleach that much, now leave…before…it is…too…late.


ZeroG signing off

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  1. The whole “time is different” in the Cleaner was a smart concept for once, perhaps too smart. I’m in support of Ichigo getting his powers back though, if it makes this filler end faster.

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