Dantalian No Shoka episode 7: Smells like trouble


Huey and Dalian meet a strange perfumer who creates perfumes with the knowledge of a phantom book.



We are back with our original duo, Huey and Dalian were just looking to buy some buns, but they ended up in an affair involving both phantom books and a criminal organization. They really have no luck, or is it fate?


That guy was awesome, too bad he is already dead

The episode had an interesting take on scent in our daily life, how scent is a sense that can really make us think of happy moment even if they are but distant memories long forgotten. Althought I would argue that scent is not the only sense that can accomplish such thing and that a warm touch or a beautiful melody can accomplish just as much, scent is a special sense for human. Over time we loss this sense, it became something unneeded in our daily life, but when a particularly strong smell is sensed, we suddenly feel such strong emotions. I can absolutely believe in a smell that could make everyone happy.


Well, that must have gave him an heavy dose of scent, he must be close to an overdose with that

Now Fiona was an interesting perfumer, she was able to make all sorts of perfumes. How awesome is it to have a perfume that can enhance every sense in someone or another one that hypnotize an individual and push him to follow your every order. She could have become the new Lelouch, creating an army of mindless individual ready to follow her every order. But she followed the path of redemption way sooner than Lelouch did. It is a shame, she could have become quite the influential lady with all her powerful perfume.


This is the zero requiem

Now concerning Dantalian No Shoka in general, There seems to never be a character that lives for more than a single episode. As soon as an episode starts you can know that only Huey and Dalian will be left alive or that the others who are left alive will have no impact what so ever on for the rest of the show. The story in the show as little continuity, it is but a repetition of short adventure. The focus of the show seems to really be artistic. The show is beautiful ( for such low quality hardsubbed episodes anyway) and there is always this constant mysterious and serious feel to the show. The show affects your feeling using art and atmosphere more than character development or story.


Now I wonder if we will see both duo see each other soon, they are bound to after all, there is no way we were introduced to the other two just for fun, there must be some  deeper reason for it.




This was another interesting and fun to watch episode, I can only hope that the show will keep this magical atmosphere. I have no clue how they can make a show with such a poor story so interesting, but it works, so keep it up.


ZeroG signing off

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