Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Ep 7: Be Careful what you Wish for


Gekkou answers Taito’s request for more power, and Taito meets Edelka, an otherworldly being who demands a price for wishes granted. Edelka grants Taito’s wish to get stronger and protect Himea, and he goes around to other dimensions testing out the extent of his new power. But what exactly has he lost?


Such an interesting concept has been revealed this week, and it centers around the idea of making wishes and paying a price for them OMFG MADOKA, however you don’t get to choose the price you pay. Its obvious Taito isn’t as strong as some of the other characters, so naturally he’d seek more power, and Gekkou points him to a being known as Edelka, who agrees to make him a mahou shoujo give him enough power to protect Himea in return for something Taito holds dear.

While they never did say what it was outright, Taito himself notices he’s actually eating Haruka’s bentou for once, so I’m suspecting it might be something to do with his feelings towards Himea or at least, something involving their love triangle. I think its safe to say that wishes granted by some god-like creature who has ulterior motives don’t always go right, and there are countless things that could backfire when messing with this kind of shit.

I’m going to take back what I said a few weeks ago about Taito being overly shounen and cheating death during every boss battle, since he did ACTUALLY DIE when fighting Hinata all that time ago. Edelka showed Taito that Himea brought him back to life, at the cost of most of her magic. I guess with all her original magic and stuff, she still couldn’t bring Taito back herself but made him immortal waaayyy before the start of the series. Talk about inconsistency. I think that if someone like Mirai-chan went to Edelka and asked to have Taito resurrected, it wouldn’t cost her nearly as much as if Himea went, since Himea holds Taito in a much higher regard. But Himea went anyway. Anyway, his blue fire attack has been leveled up, and he now one hit KO’s monsters, but gets torched himself after he uses it. Every week confirms how this anime still creeps me out a bit – they didn’t have to show Taito’s head dissolving in that much detail.

The episode didn’t focus that much on the new teacher as I suspected, however his motives and proper job were revealed. As a military admin person, he’ll probably clash with Gekkou and his unwillingness to bow down to others, though I’m sure Gekkou will hold his own, he’s probably got more up his sleeve than he reveals. How else can he randomly open portals to other dimensions? With his Portal Gun, bitch.

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