Mayo Chiki episode 6: Love festival


Jirou needs to keep his promise and go on a date with Usami or she will reveal Subaru’s secret.




Pointless, but fun to watch

I am not sure if I liked this episode. While I have no problem with the episode itself, I really don’t want the show to turn into some kind of harem. For me the show is all about Kinjirou X Subaru, everyone else is irelevant. But now there is another girl in the show that loves Kinjirou.

The episode itself was really fun to watch. Subaru finally told Kinjirou that she kissed him while he was unconscious. Now Kinjirou will understand better why Subaru acts the way she did. But I really wonder if it will have deeper implication later on or if this scene will be forgotten.


the truth is out

Usami had an important part in this episode, some people might like her lone and social awkward character, but I dislike her. Compared to Subaru or Kanade she is nothing and has no personality what so ever. Kanade is in herself so awesome and evil that we don’t need another one like her but in less awesome. Kanade is in love with Kinjirou just like every other girl, but she is such a kind a generous person, she is just too intelligent for her own good. No one is able to understand her because she hides behind a character and she acts so well that no one has any clue.


she is so cute

Another character introduces this episode was Narumi. She is a clueless girl in love with Subaru and the leader of the “yaoi” fanclub of Subaru. I really hope she won’t fall in love with Kinjirou too, that would be really boring if this show turns into a harem. I understand how multiple love interest can make the relation more interesting, but in the end romance is not only about choosing the right partner. It also requires two person to become more intimate with one another. This is what I want to see in this show. Not some stupid Harem.

Now after this episode Kinjirou has revealed to one more person is Gynophobia. It seems he is not as afraid as before to reveal his secret as before. After all you don’t tell someone your biggest secret when you just became friend. I know she did tell him her secret, but that girl is a poor excuse for a human being. So does this means that Kinjirou is slowly getting over it? After all he is touched by girl so often lately, he can be touched more than before until he starts bleeding. In the first few episode a girl could touch him over his clothes and he would bleed, at least now he needs direct contact. Kinjirou is slowly becoming a man !


Death to the heretic!


This was a solid episode, but I fear of the direction the anime could be taking, I really hope this won’t turn into a harem and that Subaru x Kinjirou will stay the main focus.


ZeroG signing off

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  1. Subaru chinese dress reminds me of Jirou fantasy he had (Lick me) lol XD
    I would still like the anime even if it turns into a harem but I would like it if Jirou has to pick Suzutski or Subaru in the end.

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