Naruto Shippuden Episode 225: Ninjas of the Caribbean


Yamato tells stories about The Flying Dutchman ghost ships, and after a suspicious ship appears the Konoha crew board the ship only to find a young seaman, Hishaku aboard. They then learn that the rest of the crew were killed by the Kraken a giant monster crab and Naruto defeats it. The ship is then revealed to have really been Davy Jones’ ship a ghost ship, and the crew can now rest in peace.

Impression (I wonder how many more ship references I can come up with)

Think Pirates of the Caribbean mixed up with tentacle hentai and you have what was supposed to be episode 225 of Naruto Shippuden. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I saw the Black Pearl crew skeletal people, but by the time the crab version of the Kraken appeared I felt like I was watching an animated version of PotC, even though I knew Naruto would obviously beat the giant crab. Or maybe this was based on One Piece? has not watched One Piece All that was missing was Jack Sparrow, and it seems a severely toned down version of him turns up next week.

I am not sure exactly how a cleaning brush, no matter how chakra-infused, was able to block the giant crab from closing its mouth. I mean, the stuff on its back BARNACLES were big enough to kill people, and its shell was able to block Rasengan completely. So the crab’s teeth not being able to break a tiny brush seemed rather far-fetched to me. But they had to fit some form of a story into 20mins of filler, with the usual trademark deus ex machina of a Rasengan finishing off the bad guy.

Hishaku seems like your average kiddy shounen guy, who aims high, not completely unlike what Naruto acted like when he was still a noob. The fact that they spent so long on his backstory, as well as the scene where he twirls his mop really displays how Studio Pierrot are running out of ideas. In the filler universe, that can only be a good thing.

So ghosts exist in the Naruto world, I think they’ve established that to me now. At first I did think it was just one giant genjutsu, but no one in their right mind would waste that much chakra way out in the middle of nowhere. Actually, thinking back, raising dead people using Edo Tensei exists, so ghosts wouldn’t be too far off that mark. Another example would be the version of the Yondaime that appeared in Naruto’s mindscape – I guess other than a spirit or image, a ghost would be the best thing to describe that particular Minato. And there was the “Man who died Twice” filler some time ago, about, yes, a man who did indeed die twice. GENIUS. Overall it was kind of a shitty episode, apart from the good visuals it just steered too close to an epic blockbuster series and we already know what happens at the end of each filler anyway.

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    1. This. Potentially epic shows are ruined by months of dodgy fillers that all end the same way.

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