Steins; Gate episode 21: Cruel Fate


Okabe realizes that undoing the last D-mail will kill Kurisu and therefore he tries to save Mayuri without undoing any more D-mail.



The episode was fantastic. If you were looking for action, well sorry to tell you that you have chosen the wrong show, but if you were looking for a psychological thriller, you will love this episode just as much as I did.

Okarin is completely destroyed, not only does he relived the same events over and over again, but now he has to make a choice. He needs to decide who gets to live and who is doomed to die. He tried saving Mayuri, multiple times, over and over again. It never worked, he tried again in this, now moved, timeline, but it still didn’t work. Hell, he even tried suicide as a method to change fate, but in the end Mayuri simply sacrificed herself to save him. He really doesn’t have much choice in the matter, it will be Mayuri or Kurisu.

But what will he choose? Will he decide to save one of the two or will he simply relive the same few days over and over again? Or will Kurisu or Mayuri make the choice for him? Okabe has done so much, so many sacrifice, was it all in vain?


One thing we learned, is that Mayuri has memory of all her previous lives. She remembers each time she died and how Okabe was with her trying to save her. But she doesn’t seem to realize their true meaning. Is it possible that Mayuri has the Steiner’s eyes too? or is it just another anomaly like what happened with Ruka and Feiris? I’m really curious about that phenomenon. Is it the key for Okabe’s success? or just some way to make the story less heartbreaking? If it is to make it less heartbreaking, it works. It is much better to see people acknowledge Okabe’s trouble than thinking he is a sad and crazy mad man. At least you can have comfort in thinking that they have full knowledge of the situation.

Now what troubles me the most this episode is that Kurisu decided to go where she died, I have no idea what is on her mind, but I really hope she isn’t thinking of doing anything crazy. I want Kurisu to be the one to survive, I’ve seen Mayuri die so often now and her death is so common, that I became accustomed to it. She is already dead to me. Meanwhile Kurisu is intelligent and tsundere, she is the perfect mate for Okabe to control the world with his time-leap. If she somehow decide to forfeit her life…I would be terribly sad. Mayuri says it herself, she is but a burden. Kurisu is the one helping Okabe with his problem, but Mayuri IS the problem. If Mayuri can be gone, Kurisu and Okabe can be happy together!




Okabe is trapped, Mayuri feels like a burden, Kurisu feels like she should be dead. Everything is going well in the show, I want to see next episode right now. I want to know what choice every one of them will make.


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