Blood-C Overview (protip: it was awful)

Alright guys, Blood C. First off, before we begin, I have to warn you. If you’re one of the people saying the whole thing was amazing, I will probably offend you.

a pretty accurate summary

Wow, there is so much to say about this series. First off, I love Blood + and Blood the Last Vampire. You can see even now looking at my first review I had really high hopes for this series and that’s one of the reasons why I just had to stick with it. Now this anime had a really really big problem that no matter what anyone says, definitely existed and definitely caused this anime to be on my Top 10 worst anime of all time list. That my friends is pacing.


You see, as a fan of anime there is one thing I really appreciate: Good pacing. You have animes like Gundam 00 where shit happened too fast (Allelujah and Marie?! Wait, Lyle, wtf? WHY IS TIERIA IN THIS DRESS?!) and animes like Blood + that go way too slow. Then you have Blood C. Blood C went so slow it really affected it. Gundam 00 and blood + are two of my personal favorites, Blood C is terrible. You see, the entire point was that you are supposed to be shocked by 11 and 12. But the characters were so grossly unlikable, predictable, and completely boring that it wasn’t a shock. It was entirely expected. Someone on /a/ predicted it on episode 6 and said, yeah they’re gonna go for the shock factor. And they did. Yeah, we all saw it coming. Now here’s the thing


The IDEA of blood C isn’t all that bad. Take a suspiciously cardboard setting about a school girl fighting monsters, all her friends are happy go lucky, everything goes to hell, it was all a trap, okay. Not original. But interesting because we don’t have to see Saya flop around for 10 episodes. No seriously, that’s the thing. All we did was see Saya act like an idiot, never being affected by anything, and it annoyed the shit out of us. Especially me. People die, she cries a little and stops caring. People are being attacked- she lets them die. She sucks at fighting. Literally we spent most of the series listening to singing and having CLAMP drag us along trying to make us interested in something sorely uninteresting. Yeah, we all knew something was wrong by episode 4. We got that. But if it takes you 4 episodes to establish this and you only did it by being boring as fuck, why do we care? Take for example say;


Say we are introduced to Saya. Her life is perfect, she sings on the way to school, she misses her mom, her friends are all sweet and kind and the mysterious new boy is interesting. Then it turns out she fights monsters. Why didn’t they cut out so much of the talking? Shouldn’t we have spent more of the time trying to make sure that Saya’s character is established in reference to everyone? I don’t care! And you know why? Because Saya doesn’t care. She says she does but I believe it’s her trauma. Well why not have the first few episodes filled with the setup from 1-3, then talking cut out for most of the rest. We could cut off about. many episode? 7 honestly.











They were trying to lay it on really thick, PAY ATTENTION TO THE COFFEE! LISTEN TO THE GUIMAUVE STUFF!!! And it NEVER conveyed enough emotion. NEVER. I personally DIDN’T EVEN CARE half the time. Not even half the time. They would sprinkle on hints like fucking candy on Halloween FOR A BABY. It was so fucking painful. YES. WE GET IT. SHE HAS HEADACHES. THE COVENANT. EVERYTHING IS SUSPICIOUS. But it’s SO. FREAKING. LONG. TO ESTABLISH. ANYTHING. We kept hearing mysterious words and not knowing the truth until WAY TOO LATE and by that time WE KNEW EVERYTHING BY GUESSING. I liked Tokizane but was so disinterested in this series that when he went dick? I CARED FOR LIKE 5 MINUTES. That is NOT








Guys, Berserk is considered an amazing anime. You know why? Because people fucking liked Griffith and his betrayal was shocking and moved us. The entire series MOVED us. We liked the characters, and we never necessarily knew what was going to happen and half the time we didn’t even get details of what would be happening. It was a nice treat to have that but we liked the characters so much it mattered to us to spend time with them. And when they died we cared.


Never once did I care about Nono and Nene so much I was sad when they died. I laughed when they ACTUALLY died and when they fake died I was like, FINALLY THOSE HOES WILL SHUT THE HELL UP. So at the very end when Saya was pissed this all happened to her, I was like…WELL I’D BE ANGRY TO BUT YOU SHOULD KIND OF REJOICE THAT THEY ARE DEAD, RIGHT? If I was Saya I’d be like FUMITO COULD YOU GET INTERESTING PEOPLE WHO CAN ACT NEXT TIME? THE SCIFI CHANNEL WOULDN’T HIRE THESE PEOPLE. THEY WERE SO BAD I ONLY CARED ABOUT ONE OF THEM AND EVEN HE BORED ME BEFORE HIS FAKE DEATH. “Ok you are boring touch her boobs” AND ONLY THE TEACHER TOUCHED HER BOOB SO IT’S LIKE





And that’s the big problem. I never cared. About pretty much anyone. Yeah I felt bad for Saya in the end but I was so sick of Fake!Saya I was glad she suffered a little. We spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME with the fake Saya to care about her. WAY TOO MUCH. She was too naive, too stupid, too ridiculous- and Watanuki BARELY granted her wish. Because even she said ‘that wasn’t me’. She is so fake the entire time that I was barely sad for her. She didn’t really care for those people, they didn’t care for her, and yet she’s sad over it? Okay I don’t believe that.


And I guess that’s the whole point. The only thing I can realistically buy is Saya hating Fumito for doing that to her. That was one pathetic anime attempt and you can’t just put sprinkles on freezerburned ice cream to make it good. And this anime was not. This anime was so fake it left the real Saya out for way too long, I didn’t care about her. I didn’t care about anyone until Fumito showed he was a true legendary badass. And that’s bad writing! The actors in this show were amazing and what do they have to show for it? An anime that didn’t use their talents.


And so, this anime gets a 2/10. The visuals were beautiful in the last episode, the music was too, and Fumito was awesome. The rest was tragically terrible. As in, so tragically I feel cheated that there was anything nice about it. So much so I feel cheated that ANYONE can pretend this anime was good. I respect that people like the premise, at least, because I like it. Still, I wish there was something more to show for my time. As a loyal fan of the Blood series I was ultimately cheated. Oh well.


Fumito, if you would?




4 thoughts on “Blood-C Overview (protip: it was awful)

  1. So um what are your top 10 worst anime of all time?
    I can probably guess School Days is on the list.

  2. I sorta liked school days

    by the way i didn’t watch blood c
    but i did watch the 12th episode and it was badass and so awesome,
    the episode told me everything about the series and i didn’t need to watch the other 11 episodes at all

  3. i agree with TimesTicking.. School days was the worst anime i ever watch…since then, i been careful chosing what anime i should watch or not..i never want to watch anime such school days anymore..

  4. Blood-C was crap….. i would shit on the front porch of whoever made this anime because it fully disrespected the original Blood+ and the ending was HORRIBLE let me spell it for u A-Piece-Of-Shit. I woulda liked it better if she had killed that bastard instead of him shooting her in the eye, her sitting there and thinking about it for a few days, and it ends with her just walking…. no actual conclusion. I am glad that they stopped at 12. Otherwise they would have fucked it up more. this will go #1 in the shittiest anime ever.

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