Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Ep 12 [Final]: The Definition of Fanservice

I’m not sure how you did it Zero, but when you wrote off this anime as a “mindless ecchi” ages ago, I would have never thought the last episode would turn out identical to what you predicted for the series.

This is Haruka, by the way. Suddenly I don't hate her as much anymore. Okay, maybe I still do.


What summary? Through various means, the Student Council, Haruka, and the Spell Breakers all end up at the same public bath, where they relax and spend their time.


This was an almost identical imprint of the last episode of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka, in which the majority of the episode concentrates on pure fanservice at a location with lots of water, and the last few minutes not-so-subtly hints at a second season by introducing YET ANOTHER element/character into the series. Even in its final moments, there were still plot details not revealed to the audience, and now more have just been added in the form of Lil, which we know absolutely nothing about other than that she serves the purpose of distracting Gekkou. Yuuichi Kurosu speaks of the prophecy yet again, as well as talking about the “dark rabbit” within Taito, though I would have cared more if he had mentioned it sometime earlier – heck, the anime’s a few minutes away from ending!

She's kinda cute actually.

The main part of the episode was pure ecchi fanservice for just about every single girl in this series. It will probably promote blu-ray sales when those white censors are removed, at least it’ll give all the perverts watching this some sense of closure. It’s a good thing they didn’t do an R-15 and have huge white streaks across the screen, that would have completely ruined the whole episode. The male fanservice I didn’t need, as a guy I didn’t particularly like seeing Taito and Gekkou have their competitions – I wouldn’t mind more of Himea’s ass though ^^

Taito’s sister was probably shocked at seeing how many girls he knew; she probably thinks he’s cheating on Haruka, when in fact we all know he loves Himea. Himea herself is doubtful though, sparking off another love triangle cliche, this time being the “OMGZ DOES TAITO LIKE BIG BOOBS?” question. Sadly for her, almost every guy does, apart from the hardcore lolicon fans, who would be better off watching something like Ro-Kyu-Bu! or Lotte no Omocha.

I didn’t really mind that Itsuka Tenma ended this way, with a fanservice ep, since it was pretty clear the current issue with the Spell Breakers had been solved already and it would be rather rushed if anything else concerning the prophecy was stuffed into one episode. To be honest, it feels more like only one half of the series is over – there are still so many questions we don’t know the answer to, and at the end of it all I feel a little bit trolled.

But at least Mirai-chan was part of the eyecatch.

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