Kamisama No Memo-Chou episode 11: Gardening Secret

Ayaka lies in a coma and Narumi is troubled by the unstable state of his dear gardening friend.


Well, turns out Ayaka is not dead but only in a coma, still this count as a suicide and as long as she never wakes up, she might as well be dead. I don’t want her to come back from her coma, I like it when life in anime is just as harsh as the real thing. Everyone is a bit gloomier since Ayaka is not around, she was the optimist one and when the most optimist of the gang commit suicide, it is never a good sign.

But now this as lead Narumi to take the decision to finally become a real man and take matters in his own hand. It is always fun to see Narumi man up, he is such an awesome guy after all, he just forgets to be awesome from time to time. Now he is involved in this final affair, there are most likely still 2 more episodes of Kamisama No Memo-Chou left, I expect to see Narumi kick ass and be awesome until the very end. Also if he could bang Alice before the end that would be quite fun to see. Since now Narumi only other love interest is in a coma, it makes the love triangle way easier to figure out. Alice wants Narumi anyway, so it is not like he will have to work hard for it. Now I’m not sure if Alice has even reached puberty yet, but that’s just a small inconvenience.

Now about this drug problem in their city, I don’t feel like it is the best story possible, but it is not a bad subject for a story arc either. Now Toshi is feeling like shit because he was just a piece of shit to begin with and now his sister is lying in a hospital bed after jumping off the roof of the school. It is a good sign that he feels like such a piece a shit, it means that there is still hope for him to become a good guy once again. If he survives the large amount of drug he takes every day that is.


Most of us had already figured out that Ayaka was the one growing the drugs all along, but is that really the reason why she jump? was it really only because she felt bad that she was growing drugs? There must have been something else that happened, otherwise it just feel like too small a deal to bring the cheerful Ayaka down like that. She really fell quite low, it must have been quite a shock to realize that you were used all along and that in the end the world you saw was but a dream and reality is such a nightmare.

In the end, this episode was entertaining to watch, but it was nothing spectacular, the huge character development twist is already behind and now we are back to a more regular and less surprising story. So long as the story doesn’t get bad, I don’t mind if it is not absolutely awesome, it is still entertaining to watch.


ZeroG signing off


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