Mayo Chiki episode 11: Incompetent Butler

A new year at school as started and Jirou and Subaru can finally meet again.
This was an interesting episode, A lot happened in this one compared to the previous few episodes. I guess the most important of all is that now Subaru is not a butler anymore, this means that she won’t have to hide her identity anymore. She can now finally be free and be a girl, she be who she wants and love who ever she wants. Her love for Jirou can finally materialize. But will Jirou be able to be touched by a girl without falling unconscious.
I’m feeling a bit sad for Suzutsuki though, she is such a great bully, but I guess that her approach was too subtle for Jirou to take notice of it. Now she will be left completely alone, she will lost her only friend Subaru and her only love Jirou, she won’t have anyone to bully anymore and she will be a rich lonely girl. Maybe if she were a little less of a jerk she might have stood a chance with Jirou, but I don’t blame Jirou to prefer Subaru over Suzutsuki, it is a less dangerous choice in the end. He won’t wake up the next morning tied up to the bed with a knife in his back and a broomstick up his ass.
Now while Subaru will most likely be quite sad that she failed to become a butler, I believe that in the end this is what is best for her. She can now  love Jirou and be friend with Suzutsuki without any butler thingy getting in the way, she can be honest to herself and to the people around her. No need for disguise anymore, she can be a kind and fragile girl.
Now will the show goes this route? a path where Subaru can become free and who she wants and she realize the beauty of the world, or will the show go back the path it came and we will return to the butler/lady/gynophobic-chicken that we have now. I think some change could be interesting, but usually ecchi are not too big on story progression, they like it better when the story is forever stalling and never-changing, it guaranties more ecchi opportunities.
The end is near for the show, I had high hopes and expectations at the beginning of the season, but now I have slowly lost interest when more and more girl were introduced into the show, it is great that now the focus is back where it matters, but I’m not really expecting a meaningful or a big ending out of Mayo Chiki. Most likely the ending will just make everything return to where it was at the beginning so that there is possibility for a second season if the show works.
In the end, the episode was really good, but there was so much going on and I have not enough trust in the show anymore to hope for anything grandiose from the current events. Let’s hope for the best, but don’t expect too much.
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