Tiger & Bunny Ep 18: Complications and back to Square One

D: Poor Kotetsu, everything only gets even more complicated now that they know Jake was not the one who murdered his parents since that was the day Kriem revealed she was kidnapped by him. On top of that Barnaby’s memory is starting to go insane, as the faces are changing from Samatha, Maverick,  Rotwang Kotetsu, Lunatic and himself.

Now Barnaby is going insane, and my god- he looks like a wreck here!
But let me tell you, I was annoyed with the fact Barnaby wouldn’t stop interrupting Kotetsu. For god sakes, shut up and listen, and moreover – the guy was super stubborn and immature when Kotetsu told him they should double check how accurate his memory was involving the killer. For once in a long time, it was Kotetsu being the mature one here.
I don’t know what Kotetsu is going to do now. Barnaby is considering quitting as a hero because he knows that in his current state, he won’t be able to complete his role properly. Unlike Barnaby, Kotetsu really needs to quit, not just because of his promise with his daughter, but he doesn’t have a choice! He’s losing too much of his powers and at some point, he’s not going to have anything left- period.
It turns out that Kaede has the ability to copy people’s powers. Which is pretty sick if you ask me, but at the same time, definitely troublesome since she’d have to learn how to control different kinds of powers, and each of them can take alot of time.
It was definitely interesting to see Jake in a new light. While he was a serial killer, kidnapper, and one hell of a criminal, he ended up being Kriem’s savior and was the first person to acknowledged her existence. However, I didn’t miss the fact that she had mention that was the only time she had felt happy being beside Jake.



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