Tiger & Bunny Ep 4: Blue Rose's Dilemma


So this episode was about Karina, the Blue Rose. It turns out- though I’m not surprised at all- that she never wanted to be a hero in the first place. She was halfhearted about her Hero career and was only in because the company (aka sponsors) said that she were to debut as a Hero before she debuted as a Singer.
Once again it was Tiger who spoke the wisdom as a hero after having heard her ranting about their Hero life. They are heroes because they want to be, it’s not about being acknowledged or appreciated by the public for their actions. It was good that Karina thought about his remark and finally figured out her feelings and decided to continue as a hero and put her heart into it.
I really liked the development how Tiger ignored the order from the producer about not going into the oil ridge (I’m pretty sure it was an oil ridge O_o;) because it was too dangerous, and everyone else followed his actions. Tiger, while he may not be the star of the hero business, he is definitely an under-rated hero who really does alot more than the broadcast show him doing since all his awesomeness isn’t exactly being aired.
Overall the episode was great. Karina’s song, “My Song” is absolutely lovely! I do hope to hear more songs from her in the future. The animation however… >_</ wasn’t so great for some parts… At least the important scenes were good!



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