Sorry for the long delay folks! Last week I made my time dedicated to Tiger & Bunny, and yesterday my internet went down for the entire day. X_x; And I’ll also being skipping the summary so lets get started!!!
Fortunately Andore was quickly done and over with after he had gotten Yusei to destroy The End of the Storm and activate Magic Mine to inflict 2000pts damage on both of them, so that this way he can get off the field and Breo can get his turn.
Team Unicorn is all about working as a team. Because they are not playing for themselves to win, it completely catches their opponent off guard, which is precisely why Yusei was constantly hesitating because he couldn’t figure out their strategy until the damage is already done.
So Breo’s strategy is Deck Destruction. It’s a duelist’s worst nightmare (unless they follow a strategy that requires that much like Kiryu and his handless combo) because as soon as they run out of cards, it’s their loss. We also learned about how Breo came to join Team Unicorn and how much he had changed from the past… Okay maybe not that much, but a good enough idea to get a glimpse of how he was.
Overall good episode. It was enjoyable to watch, the animation faltered again- I’m assuming this isn’t one of their ‘quality priority’ duels. With only 2000 LP left, Yusei now has to defeat Breo and John and with the deck destruction underway, lets see how Yusei will counter this problem.


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