The duel of Jean VS Yusei continues as Yusei manages to counter his speed world effect with his trump trap, Inheritance of Harmony that he honestly didn’t want to use yet. The two continuously to counter each other’s attack and depletes each other’s Life Points. As Yusei’s strategy continued to be read, he decides to do a Fusion Summon which throws everyone off guard and summons, Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites.

This is the one of those times when I wished I had better quality video to provide better quality screencaps.
WOO! NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! This episode was super thrilling with the constant counter attacks from both players, it was really really exciting. Best of all, I squealed the very moment Yusei Fusion Summoned. On top of Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites (quite a long name!) had a super badass sign, and its fusion materials were badass too (Stardust Dragon and Junk Warrior), what an epic combination! *SHOT*
It was also great to see that Yusei was at the point he was freaking out and doubting whether he could pull off a victory and Jack comes storming out and lectures him for showing him a duel of fear. (LOL JACK WHAT ARE YOU? AN OLD MAN NOW?) Anyhow that moment was pretty awesome too and expected since Jack doesn’t ever keep quiet about this stuff. It was mainly the twins that were really pessimistic about the chances of winning, the others were probably facing their own doubts but were keeping quiet and occasionally would say something out of frustration or worry.
Without a doubt, if Jean had ended his turn by following his team strategy of winning through deck destruction, Yusei would’ve lost. But it’s because Jean’s inner desire as a strong duelist that he wanted to defeat Yusei properly and not through effect, which is understandable despite the giant risk. It was also good to see his team support him and give him the OK to do so.
Finally I was absolutely THRILLED to see they FINALLY kicked up the animation quality throughout the entire episode.


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