Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 21: Yuuma befriends a Robot- are you $@&!@$& kidding me?

Yuuma and his friends find a robot and repairs it. The robot appreciates it and decides to follow Yuuma home. Kotori decides that they should name it, and Yuuma names it Obomi. They do all these corny activities as BFFs when suddenly one evening Obomi disappears to return to its robbery mission. Yuuma goes out to search for Obomi and finds her, and demands a duel since she had completely forgotten about them.

….. And here we go with another filler episode. God we’re not even at 50 episodes yet and this series already has an abundant amount of fillers, that it’s ridiculous. Fortunately the next episode is guaranteed to be NOT a filler since its going to be Shark VS Kaito, something in which I’m really looking forward to.
What can I say, this was both a cute and unbelievably annoying corny episode. I mean, Yuuma befriending a robot was the last thing- no scratch that, wasn’t even something that passed my mind. The whole thing of  Yuuma redoing exactly what he had done in his previous duel with Obomi just made me twitch in irritation. Even more so, I was not amused to see Gagagaga Girl. The minute I saw her I was like:

I mean seriously. I KNEW SHE WAS GOING TO SHOW UP AT SOME POINT! I wasn’t too sure at first because I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but now it’s a fact: they trying to make this at least similar to the original series. Lets go through the checklist now shall we?
YGO DM / YGO Zexal
Yugi: Experienced Duelist
Yuuma: In-Expirenced Duelist
Atem: Lost Memories and trying to find them involving the Millennium Puzzle
Astral: Lost Memories and trying to find them with Number Monsters
Dark Magician paired up with Dark Magician Girl
Gagaga Magician paired up with Gagaga magician Girl
Gagaga Magician Girl similar appearance to Dark Magican Girl (I won’t lie though, I adore Gagagaga Magican Girl’s character design and outfit!)You just wait, at some next Anime Convention, there’ll be a showdown between Dark Magician & Dark Magician Girl VS Gagaga Magician and Gagaga Magican Girl much like Pokemon VS Digimon we see every year.
Kaito and his whole brother situation > Kaiba and his brother situation – HOLY SHIT, I JUST REALIZED THIS NOW. Fuck, I can’t believe it! THIS IS KILLING ME! *HEADESKS* AND THEY BOTH ARE FUCKING K‘s OMFG!!!!


Oh good lord, somebody tell me. Why the fuck am I watching this?

Oh that’s right. I’m watching this solely because of Shark.
Thank god he’s in the next episode, I miss him.


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0 thoughts on “Yu Gi Oh Zexal Ep 21: Yuuma befriends a Robot- are you $@&!@$& kidding me?

  1. Just when you can’t take the filler, Shark shows up and makes it all better, eh?
    On a more serious note, this episode offended me on a personal level, for the simple reason that I’m watching this as I’m watching DM, and this episode came up alongside Yugi v Possessed Jounouchi (the second episode, specifically). I cried through the whole DM episode. I spent the whole ZeXal episode pretend-shooting the screen. Do you want to know why, Studio Dice? Do you want to know why the 76th episode of DM is vastly superior to the 21st of ZeXal? Do you want to know why the latter was an incredible insult to the former and not the bloody homage you acted like it was? Eh?
    Because Yugi KNEW Jounouchi. Because Yugi went through Duelist bloody Kingdom with Jounouchi. Because Yugi got through Death-T with Jounouchi by his side! Because Yugi gave up a metric ton of money for the sake of Jounouchi’s sister! Because Jounouchi stood by him even though Yugi ended up with an international criminal organisation/cult out for his blood!
    Because WE knew Jounouchi! Because we knew what he stood for! Because we knew how he cared! Because they showed us that he cared! Because he was a person, a real breathing human, to the people who watched him! Because we cheered him on when he kicked Bandit Keith’s ass! Because we yelled at him to stop moping about and do something when he lost his Red Eyes and went BSOD! Do you want to know why we did that?! Because Jounouchi had 50-80 episodes of characterisation, so we cared about him, and what happened to him!
    Obomi’s just a trash bot they picked off the street and had a full minute of characterisation before you expected us to care. To even think about comparing it to the vibrant, deep character that is Katsuya Jounouchi is a horrible insult to Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters in its entirety, and the idiots who thought this up should be drowned. I came out of the DM I-know-you’re-in-there-somewhere priming my air crossbow for Malik Ishtar’s head(you can whinge on about your childhood for as long as you like, pretty boy, NOTHING excuses that.) I came out of the ZeXal I-know-you’re-in-there-somewhere ready to translate the credits and find out exactly who to kill.
    You know what, Dice? Stop with the homages. They’ve crossed the line between cute in a pathetic sort of way to what is for the many people who watched DM as children an active rape of their childhoods. Just stop it. If I wanted to watch DM, I’d watch DM. Let ZeXal grow into its own show with its own story, not one following the pattern of that which has come before.
    Sorry about the rant there, I just had to get this off my chest.

    1. *GRINS AND APPLAUDS* Rant is approved. >:D
      Funny and bias enough that it was Shark’s character that got me this far. I probably would’ve dropped it ages ago since I really can’t stand Yuuma, which is pretty stupid since he’s the main character. XD

      1. It’s not so much that I don’t like Yuma (fairly neutral about him) as that he’s too close to Judai in character. One of him’s enough, thank you.
        Wait a minute, if he’s just like Judai… ZeXal’s going to turn into EVA in about a hundred episodes! Yes!

  2. What’s the connection between Yugi being experienced and Ju-, uh, Yuma being inexperienced? :is confused:

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