Never let Fear clean up the house. EVER.


One day, Yachi Haruaki receives a big black cube from his father, who works overseas. Overnight, the cube morphs into Fear, a tsundere loli who has turned up to remove the curse placed on her through accumulating negative emotions. At night, Haruaki encounters her stealing rice crackers, and allows her to stay at his place, much to the horror of Konoha, the Yoshida Kazumi of this show Haruaki’s childhood friend.


It’s baffling, really. This series, C³ is the literal definition of cliche tsundere loli shows that have aired in the past. Generic big titted love rival? Check. Urusai? Check. Unusual dodgy circumstance that pushes together the main guy and the loli? Check. In fact, everything except KugiRie (Taiga, Shana, Louise, Lotte, Nagi) voicing the loli role is present in C³. Instead, Yukarin is voicing Fear, and I think she’s doing an okay job of it. There’s only so many ways you can say urusai, after all. Despite all this though, why do I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy this show?

Okay, so the basic story. Haruaki’s father collects dodgy supernatural stuff, and in this world it seems that supernatural stuff exists, except people don’t know about it. And one day he gets this totally innocent looking huge black cube, revealed to be a cursed girl, Fear that has turned human from taking up too much negative emotion. And to remove that curse, Haruaki (who looks far too composed to not know about this sort of stuff) tells her that she has to reverse all that emotion by taking in positive, happy love emotion. I don’t know…she looks happy enough to me. Obviously she doesn’t react well to friendliness, getting all pissed when the townspeople started talking to her.

In walks the compulsory love rival childhood friend, a trait which seems to be in a lot of anime nowadays. This one is called Konoha, and obviously she gets jealous that Haruaki is suddenly living with a random girl. I’m thinking there’s more to her than meets the eye though (apart from her ahoge and huge boobies) – she tells Haruaki to repeat what he told her to Fear. Except Haruaki apologizes to Fear, saying to her that he forgot she wasn’t human. Hinting that Konoha might not be human either, especially since she sticks around Haruaki and has done some “weird things” in the past apparently. Anyway, she’s pretty happy that Fear doesn’t come to school with Haruaki, but as the ED (or OP?) shows Fear in a school uni, her tsundere loliness is about to turn up at school at some point. Hopefully she doesn’t trash the school just like what she did to the house, I winced every time the TV and vacuum cleaner got smashed against some hard surface.

On the whole, so far it looks like a generic ecchi with a slightly different premise, and hopefully that will be enough to keep me watching. The pantsu shots did not go unnoticed by me, and neither did the rubik’s cube, though for now I’m still trying to find a hidden reference behind that.

Possibility of Watching: Yes

Possibility of Blogging: Most likely, depends on 2nd episode. 

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  1. TimesTicking

    It looks like the next episode might start getting serious, I wanna see her trash the school when she’s on cleaning duty XD

    1. Vantage

      I hope they show at least one battle next week, it’s partly why I decided to watch this after all.

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