Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 1 [First Impression]: Epic Battles are on the Way!

So EPIC! So BADASS! This is one epic show I cannot overlook this season :).


I’m baaaaaaack~~~ Phantom blogger Myst is no longer a phantom.
After 2 weeks in a row where I found myself some time to marathon a 136 chapter-long manga and a 26-episode long anime show, I realized I most likely had time to blog at least one show this season, during the weekend. I may take up another one, I am not sure yet, but this show has caught my attention and I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking care of it unless my fears for this show come true.
Alright, so to be honest I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I started watching this episode, I half-ass read the summary, I didn’t comprehend the way-too-long title except for the words “watashi” and “koi” which respectively mean “I” and “love”, and I pressed play because I was rage-quitting my physics homework that I didn’t understand.
What I ended up watching was this: AN EPIC BATTLE IS HAPPENING AT KAWAKAMI HIGH! Class F, the “lower class”, is fighting fervently Class S, the elite class, because they have been quarreling for a while and the Principal has decided to end it with a BATTLE!
I wish my high school was that amazing.

We are right away shown to the F class, home to a ton of pretty girls and pretty boys who are so damn badass and pretty I can’t even name them all! Shut up. I know what I just doesn’t make sense, I’m just too lazy to name people because there are too many to name. As the battle goes on, despite having superior numbers, it looks like Class S doesn’t quite have the intelligent factor among them and they slowly start losing the battle to the smart and quite adorable-lookingYamato, our main character who is the strategist of Class F. After much
Doesn't he look just adorable? ^.^

suspense and thrills, we reach the climax of the battle when Momoya, Yamato’s sister, turns against her own brother and starts attacking Class F’s best warriors. THE BATTLE RAGES! GIRLS ARE GETTING CLOTHES RIPPED OFF! MOMOYA IS OWNING EVERYONE!!! However, in the end, Class F is the big winner because they manage to get rid of the commander before Momoya’s ego is satisfied over fighting Ageha. WOOT FOR CLASS F!!!
You should learn what boxers are for. Please do.

Now, talk about epic. This show looks awesome. It’s badass, the character design is sweet, it’s funny, the OST is epic, it looks like just the awesome and unexpected show that would be one of the best this season.
To be honest, one of the things I’m a little scared about is the plot, because this is based off an adult visual novel and I dunno about adult visual novels. This may also turn into sex and boobies for all I know, however this first episode didn’t seem like it would. Moreover, there were some signs of incest and I’m not down for it. I really hope the producers don’t screw this up, I would hate it for the show to turn out completely bullcrap.
If it does turn bullcrap though, I may just watch this for the amazing characters. Although I don’t feel like Momoya who seems to be the main girl may be that great, I love all the other girls and guys and one robot that are in this show. So far, I think Minako (archer girl) and Cookie (THE AWESOME ROBOT) may be my faves, although Yamato (the main dude) and Yukie (sword girl) are also pretty damn sweet.

So yeah. So far, this is an awesome show, however since it’s based off an eroge AND since there may be some incest vibes in there, there are a lot of factors that may make me completely rage over a show with such a great potential. Let’s keep hoping!
My face after I've kicked the living shit out of Sentai Filmworks if they screw this up.

Eva’s Impression:
8’D Okay so I didn’t quite get what’s going on, but I liked it what I watched! It seems to have a similar context of Dog Days and Battle Girls battle-wise, but much more appealing. I think the best part, though (I’m not sure whether it’ll continue or not) that there weren’t any fanservice shots. No panty shots and not every girl has oversized boobs. That works well for me. I really did enjoy the combat scenes, it was really fun to watch, although I think it would’ve been nice to have a bit more of an explainmation of what’s really going on besides Class S and F fighting each other. What we learned this episode was “THE BIG FOUR” but we aren’t told too much about them except that they are like, INSANELY STRONG.
At first I had thought Yamato was  Momoyo’s brother and thought, “Crap is this turning into incest?”, but thankfully, they are not related, but are childhood friends with a bonus of Yamato in love with Momo.
I am already extremely fond of Miyako, she is TOTALLY BADASS. I LOVE HER SNIPING-ARCHERY SKILLS!!!! I also really loved seeing the girls kick ass and the boys being totally derpy and awesome themselves! Heck all the characters are pretty damn unique and I’m already liking their personalities despite the brief screen time they’ve received.
Possibility of Blogging: If it weren’t for Myst, this would be all mine mwuahaha!!! Myst we’re SO sharing! got that?
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed.

6 thoughts on “Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai Episode 1 [First Impression]: Epic Battles are on the Way!

  1. At the worst this series’ll be Ikkitousen. At the best it’ll be Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

    1. Oh, well that certainly reassures me a little more! XD I really wish for it to be good, because it had such a good start!

  2. The lowest class fighting against the highest class…Doesn’t this sound a little too much like baka to test to shoukanjuu? All it need is a cross-dressing male and it would essentially be the same.

    1. Agreed, I thought about that too. Except the difference is that I stopped watching Baka to Test after 2 episodes because I found it ridiculous, whereas I seem to absolutely love this one. We’ll see how it turns out :/

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