Dantalian No Shoka episode 12 [Final]: Bibliophile meeting

Zombies are running around in London, it is time for Huey and Dalian to figure out who is playing with the undead and to stop them permanently.

Why were those last two episode so great? Why did they have to wait so long before showing us all the story behind this show. We came from a show without real purpose to suddenly discover that there was a story all along. This kind of episode is exactly what could transform this show from a beautiful repetitive show to a beautiful amazingly fun show.

Every biblioprincess we witnessed in the previous episode appeared in this one, it finally made sense. We could finally establish some kind of relationship between all of them. We now understand that they seems to be at odd with their beliefs. The libricide want to destroy every last phantom book, the professor seems to use them for his own gain and Huey is trying to collect them back to seal them in the library. Now we have the necessary material for a real solid story and not just the casual repetitive stuff we had to watch this season. Now I just wonder if we will actually ever see a second season, this one was so slow-paced that I would not be surprised that they cancelled any future plans. After all of the 13 episodes of the show, only 3 or 4 of them had some story related content. It is really frustrating, I want to love this show because it has this awesome atmosphere and it just looks great in general, but I simply can’t enjoy most of the episodes.

At least I was able to enjoy this episode to the fullest, we learned that Dalian has an inner self inside the library and that she met Huey ages ago when he was still a kid. It also looks like she was the one to give her key to Huey. This explains how Huey went to become the next keykeeper. I still want to learn more about this inner-Dalian, she is the librarian of the place, but we know so little of her real role and her purpose. Is she simply trapped in there without any purpose other than reading the phantom books? Or has she a special role and her leaving the library would have dire consequences for Huey and Dalian? I have no idea and that is one of the things I would love to know.

And beside the story around Dalian, we now have the professor making all sorts of problem once again, he was trying to do a remake (or premake?) of 28 weeks later. He was really close to achieving it too, if it was not for those meddling kids and their pikachu…I mean Huey and the Libricide.


This was a great episode of Dantalian No Shoka, but it shouldn’t have been a final, it is a beginning, not an end. so I really hope we’ll have a second season, but I am not sure if it will happen. Even if not the show still was a good change from all the traditional anime, it truly was something special.


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6 thoughts on “Dantalian No Shoka episode 12 [Final]: Bibliophile meeting

  1. I fully agree with you. This should have been the fourth episode, not the twelfth.

    If Flam Berge isn’t a biblioprincess, then what is she? Just how many biblioprincesses are there, anyway? What do Dantalian and Raziel have to do with this? Is that inner world inside Dalian? What does the professor want with the Phantom Books? I have so many questions but not enough answers.

    Second season, Gainax. Please?

    1. I just hope that if there IS a second season, it will be a little more compressed and story oriented than this one.

  2. I want more episodes T.T
    Just when things started to get amazing they have to end it…
    If a second season does ever show up lets hope the ED is not gonna be scary… scares the shit out of me every time the episode ends…

    1. the ending was so creepy I absolutely loved it, I played it in loops from time to times, it still gives me chills

  3. I’m not sure that there will be a second season, supposedly the author refuses to do more books.

    1. Ya, I’m not sure the show was popular enough during this season to make a second season either. It is a shame because the story had potential.

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