Mashiro-Iro Symphony Episode 2: A Bit too Bland

 The boys and girls are told to work together in an activity to try and get along.

I found this episode to be pretty cliched and not exactly entertaining. The activity to get the boys and girls to work together was okay, but it was not special in any way. On top of that, I find that Shingo’s character is pretty bland and boring. So what he had asthma as a kid? Am I supposed to care? Was that supposed to make me like his character more? Sorry bud, that isn’t working with me.
It’s good to see that not all the girls are against the boys such as Amaha, Inui and Angelina. It looks like Amaha is going to be that senpai character that always gives the main guy words of encouragement or advice. As for Inui, despite how cool she can potentially be, I doubt she’s going to play a major role in this show.
I thought it also would’ve been cool to see some of the girls step up and eat a couple of servings besides the guys, but whatever.
Right now the show is pretty bland so I really have nothing more to say. I’ll give it maybe one or two more episodes to confirm whether I’ll continue blogging this, because if it continues at this pace, it’s not worth my time to review.


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0 thoughts on “Mashiro-Iro Symphony Episode 2: A Bit too Bland

  1. This show is better than most anime that aired on the summer 😀
    I wish something would happen though, I kinda don’t want this anime to be an every day school life like most anime.

    1. //This show is better than most anime that aired on the summer //
      XD True fact.
      Yeah that’s the thing, it’ll be boring if it continues at this pace. We need some MAJOR development to happen that makes me go, “Hey this is worth my time to write about!”

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