Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 14: OH SNAP!

When Shouma gets Ringo a cold shoulder, Ringo cant help but feel down. She is picked up by Yuri who takes her out of town and tell her about her sister Momoka and spikes her drink, revealing that that she doesn’t believe Momoka is dead and has the other half of the diary.


Did Yuri just do what I think she did?
First spike Ringo’s drink and then, and then and then…
I knew something bad was going to happen since it was revealed Yuri is bisexual. I’m shocked to not only see she’s the one who has the other half of the diary, and doesn’t believe Momoka is dead and is about to freaking rape Ringo because she’s lusting for Momoka and wants her all to herself. I’m half worried she might try killing her. I’m even more shocked to see her having an affair (sexual relationship) with her acting partner who turned out to be a woman.
I feel bad for Ringo how Shouma is giving her a cold shoulder even though she isn’t blaming them and not letting that bother her. She likes him enough to not let that dark secret bother her. And then Tamba is doing something stupid, I don’t know how the hell he’s getting the money, what he’s doing and- turns out the money isn’t coming out of Masako’s pocket and she had offered to pay the medicine for him so that he wouldn’t have to put himself in more danger.
We also see Himari’s true colors of how she feels towards her friends whom became stars without her. Her scarves look absolutely fabulous on Sanetoshi. It also looks like she doesn’t remember that dream of him giving her that book at all since she doesn’t seem to recognize him. Or perhaps she does, but we aren’t being told that.
Overall, shocking development, epic episode, at least there wasn’t any mindfuck except for unexpected twists. If I had to go through another week of mindfuck, I think my brain would’ve melted.
Either way, this is very good development, I’m loving what I’m seeing.
This show is pure masterpiece.


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0 thoughts on “Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 14: OH SNAP!

  1. K, WTF?!?!?! I did NOT see this coming. This episode fucked me over. Just like every single episode of this does. Heck, this show is good at the same time it’s so messed up I can’t even understand WHY it’s so good XD.

  2. I agree with the show being unpredictable.
    but shit every time the episode ends I want the next episode now!!!

  3. honestly, with the himari thing, i think it shows how lonely she is. Shes constantly being hospitalized or at home, and the only people that she communicates with are her brothers, and just recently, Ringo. Poor girl doesnt have the opportunity to make friends and is constantly thinking about her former friends. She spent her free time making scarves for people she thinks wouldnt want them. 🙁

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