Phi Brain episode 4: Picture perfect trap

Kaito will be paired with another of the school genius for his next sage puzzle, this time his partner will be Ana Gram, also known as Da Vinci.

Da Vinci is a boy? Whaa… I don’t want to believe it. During the episode I kept thinking that it was a nice change to have an interesting female character in the show. I found Da Vinci to be really cute in her innocence, I love innocent girl, they are so cute in their own ways. But now my dreams are crushed, she is a he. How could you have done this to me Sunrise! At least tell me before I fall in love with her. Now I will have some weird trap fantasies until the end of the season. I can already smell the yaoi fan art that will start appearing because of this.


She is beautiful, I love her hair

I have decided, I won’t let myself be convinced so easily that Ana Gram is a boy, She will stay a girl in my heart. Until we see her get an erection, I will simply assume that she is a girl and she is just so naïve that she believes herself to be a boy because Da Vinci is a man. I mean how could you seriously name a boy Ana? I smell a conspiracy.


A good PoG? what is this !

If I try to forget about my sweet Ana for a moment, I think I kind of like this episode for multiple reason. I was starting to be really afraid that the show would just be an endless repetition of different kind of puzzle, but this episode we had a multitude of change from previous episodes, the PoG giver didn’t try to kill Kaito, Kaito had no need for his power and that stupid red-haired Galileo was not around to ruin the seriousness of the show. I use the word seriousness with a grain of salt here. It was really a relief to see that the outcome of the episode could be different at least once.


Taking a bath in front of the window...not creepy at all

Now I believe that every characters except one has been revealed and therefore the show should be starting for real anytime now, I have no clue what “starting for real” means in the case of this show, but I guess we’ll see, or we won’t see anything and we will be absolutely disappointed. I don’t actually expect much from this show, so they would need to fail incredibly hard to make me regret my decision. It is already decided that the show is average or even below average, but so long as it doesn’t fall in the absolute crap tier, It is still a better way for me to waste time than looking at the grass grow on my lawn.


In conclusion, the show is still kind of meaningless and boring, but we had some sort of kind of maybe twist? It was still more interesting than nothing, so I guess I shouldn’t complain about it too much.


ZeroG signing off

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