Phi Brain – Kami no Puzzle episode 2: Rush Hour

A new sage puzzle has been designed for Kaito to solve, but this time, there may be no solution.

I still have no idea if this show will be good or not. The episode was entertaining, but I feel like there were just too many things that could go wrong with this title. If they try to make the show too epic I fear that It will be just a huge fail and if they keep it too slice of life-ish the show will just get repetitive, pointless and boring.

It seems that for the first 3 or 4 episodes they will keep presenting us new characters, so it will most likely be a slow start. After all we need to learn to like every characters, but when those episode will be done I really wonder what is going to happen. Of course it will be a quest to reach and solve the Divine Puzzle, but just how silly will that quest be?


Now I don’t dislike the show up to now, I found it really enjoyable actually, but I just don’t know where it is going. Damian Kaito is an interesting character and every other character in the show looks fun too. But if every episode follow the same pattern where Kaito needs to solve a puzzle, is unable to, uses his inner power to solve it and that’s it, well it can get boring quite rapidly. I’ll make likely watch the show till the end no matter how good or bad it gets, but I sure hope it will stay at least as good as it is right now.

In the episode we met a new character, Galileo and the guy is an ass, but he seems to be at least just as good as Kaito when it comes down to solving puzzles. But I really wonder if for the next couple episode we will see some kind of mini-crew of puzzle solver form. I guess one of the way this could turn out is that Einstein, Galileo and most likely 2 more will make some kind of wannabe team to solve the divine puzzle together, after all the more brain power there is on their side, the better chance they have to survive.

But at some point they will need an enemy or some kind of twist other than the puzzles themselves, the show cannot just have the puzzle to be the problem, otherwise it will be too passive.  We’ll need a bad guy soon enough. No clue who or what that will be, but I’m curious to find out. I’m sure that the genius of next week episode and the mysterious white hair man we saw during the episode are going to be allies of Kaito, At least this is what I’m guessing. Maybe it is the association that protect the puzzles that will turn against kaito, I have no idea. I guess I’ll have to watch the show to find out.


The episode was ok, but I’m still worried about the future of this show, I sure hope that next week one disappoint me too much.


ZeroG signing off

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