Haruaki informs Kirika that Fear and Konoha aren’t actually human, with Kirika actually believing them. Peavey’s Auxiliary, a little girl called Amanda, gives Haruaki an ultimatum: give Fear to them, or risk being caught in the crossfire when they try by force. When Peavey finds out, she kills Amanda and uses her blood to power up her next tool, a huge axe that moves on its own.

Fear finally decides to fight, and though she can hold off Peavey, the Waas she has makes it hard for Fear to get in an opening. Peavey runs into Kirika, who has come to visit Haruaki, and takes her hostage. Kirika then reveals herself to be in possession of a cursed tool, and easily defeats Peavey.


It’s good that we’ve seen the last of the bitch that kept saying bitch all the time, because it was starting to get monotonous – 5 episodes in, and still only one enemy. Or you can count the Mummy Maker, Amanda as well, but she died really quickly. That was Kirika’s fault by the way, since it looks like it was her that planted the note as well as the axe cursed tool.

It seems like the colour red is quite prominent, in some scenes we just have a completely red screen. Either that’s extremely cheap, or there’s some meaning or effect behind it. Obviously Fear has this worry that she’ll go crazy again like that incident before, and so she’s been suppressing all these tendencies to go mad. Rage will speed it up a lot, so she has to try and avoid anger as well. Still shocks me a bit everytime though, that a loli happy Fear can suddenly become this tool for murder. The “crazy” persona Fear is shown as a sewn up face behind a red background, with the stitches stopping all her crazy form occurring.

The Student Council President Kirika (Seitokai Kaichou) turned out to have something to do with the cursed tools as well. Surprise, surprise, I bet NO-ONE ever got that coming. I mean, it’s not like being in the OP and part of the main cast suggests anything does it? note the sarcasm Anyway, she’s hot and into bondage, so I won’t complain. Her favourite BDSM outfit cursed tool involves a form of exchange – by taking her heart away, the tool heals her wounds for her and gives her whip-like strands to fight around with (think Wilhelmina from Shakugan no Shana) as well as making her live forever, which isn’t something anyone would want I don’t think. The thing Kirika said at the end, that her organization want to remodel a country could mean so many things, but for the sake of plot I’ll assume it’s literal, and that everyone will be thrown into a bigger story quite soon.

A whole section after the ED was dedicated to Fear/Yukarin fanservice, as Fear undressed, only to have Haruaki insert something tight and uncomfortable into her, all while we could only see the outside of the house and while Konoha was eavesdropping and misunderstanding it all. Well, she got trolled at least when she opened the door and saw this huge cuboid just sitting there. Silver Link seem to like heaping on lots of loli Fear fanservice, there was about 10 seconds of her moving under the table with a shot of her ass taking up most of the screen. Also there was the incident where Haruaki had cut his finger, and Fear ended up licking it better o.O

Then in some MASSIVE contrast, we’ve got the blood and gore, which I seem to end up commenting on all the time. The Mummy Maker for example. In some unknown accident (well, she’s dead now anyway) a large portion of her body ended up burnt, and for some reason there was a need to unravel the bandages and show everyone a little girl’s scarred body. Her death was quite bloody as well, and I found the concept of the cursed axe absorbing blood of its victims to power itself up quite Blood C-esque.

It was a decent couple of episodes overall, while nothing extremely outstanding, its combo of genres, ecchi and good art make it enjoyable as always.

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  1. TimesTicking

    I was so upset when Amanda died T.T
    She was my favorite character the moment I saw her.
    Curse that true SM girl….
    I shall believe that Amanda is still alive!!!

    1. Vantage

      Kirika did go a bit far, but it wasn’t directly her fault that Amanda died xD

      I think she did die, with that much blood loss there’s no way she’s still alive =/ Pity though, I would have liked to know her past and how she got all those burn scars.

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