Shakugan no Shana III Ep 5: Prisoner at Seireiden


Shana wakes up in her room at the Seireiden all alone, with her Flame Haze powers sealed and Alastor accompanying Yuuji. After a bit of reminiscence, when Yuuji comes to speak to her, Shana is extremely wary of him, leaving him confused and shocked at the change in Shana’s attitude towards him.

Back in Misaki City, Wilhelmina repeatedly tries to get aid from other Flame Haze to help rescue Shana, ignoring Outlaw’s summons in the process. Because of this, Eita and Marcosius realize that Keisaku is going to be in for a shock when he turns up at Outlaw.


This week we had part reminiscence, part build-up, with both Outlaw and the Bal Masque mobilizing for a large-scale battle. Poor Shana though – she’s stuck in a room in a floating castle, with all her powers sealed and no-one to talk to apart from a random Rinne that could even beat her up at this point. I had actually almost forgotten about Shiro, the kind skeleton that used to practice sparring with her back at the Tendou-kyu (the other floating bit of giant rock in the series). Speaking of other characters, Lamies the Corpse Retriever also made a reappearance, and for some reason that I think was mentioned in S1, he’ll be useful against the Flame Haze somehow. At the very least, I think it’s something to do with his unique method of feeding, i.e. only getting energy from Torches about to flicker out.

So Yuuji walks into Shana’s room all smiles, as if nothing’s wrong at all, and proceeds to ask her what’s wrong and pin her down on the bed. Um, Yuuji? Maybe Shana’s wary of you because you’re part of the ENEMY now? Obviously merging with a god-level Tomogara didn’t make you any more sensitive =/ Shana still displays shock concerning subjects to do with Yuuji and his black hand of doom, and managed to escape what would have been a convenient rape scene with the arrival of Lamies. Though the front picture does look a little ambiguous, especially since Shana’s wearing a white one-piece frilly dress xD

I know Menma was awesome, but when up against Shana, Shana >>> Menma.

Not much else this episode really, apart from small developments on the Tokyo Outlaw and Seireiden fronts. It seems Eita and Marcosius have figured out that Keisaku isn’t gonna like Outlaw as much as he thinks, and from the preview the posh blond Flame Haze looks really shady to me.  Next week ought to be good though, and I’m predicting that Keisaku gets himself into some deep shit with the folks over at Outlaw, meaning Wilhelmina has to choose between finding someone and going to save Shana, or bailing out Keisaku and joining the Tokyo Outlaw branch.

Hey, Keisaku? I think you’re on your own =/

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