UN-GO Episode 5: Flaws of Bias Opinions

This episode’s pace was fast, but fortunately it wasn’t too over the top, so we were able to actually keep in track of what’s going on better than what had happened back in episode 2.
So Shinjiro makes his first mistake since he was letting his bias opninion get in the way. We also learned a bit more about the reason he and Inga are working togethe, which is for Inga to take people’s souls by the truth instead of killing them. In a sense, this is Shinjiro’s way of protecting people despite the price is having Inga haunt him forever (or as long as they agreed to).
Sasa Kazamori is now officially part of Shinjiro’s team which I find pretty awesome. In the beginning of the series (before the last two episodes) I was curious whether she’d be one of the antagonist. Of coures it’s too soon to confirm about who’s side she’ll be on till the very end. Anyways, this episode, it was thanks to her that Shinjiro was able to not only snap out of his frustration of screwing up but also look past his bias opinion.
I wanted to point out how Rei is kind of rebelling against her father in a way. She doesn’t like how he ‘solves’ the cases and other various things. I loved how she decided to chase after Shinjiro and kick him in the head (and he needed it!).
Inga this episode, showed us another side which is far more aggressive than we’d typically see him in his ‘assistant’ form. He also had sensed the souls (the dead bodies) inside the sculpture.
Overall the episode wasn’t too bad, but I believe there was one major flaw.
That flaw is how suddenly we saw Shinjiro’s feet covered in blood. I mean we saw there was a blood mark on the statue, but what we didn’t see at first was the blood coming out of it, AND when Shinjiro had stepped in it. Surely if he had, he would’ve noticed don’t you think???


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  1. Vantage says:

    Funnily enough the thought never crossed my mind that the mark was blood. Why I thought it was…red paint or something, I have no idea.
    Also, I’m liking Inga more and more. Even after 5 episodes I’m still a bit stunned at the sudden personality change when he/she shifts.

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